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How to Organize a Stress-Free Back to School Routine


Back to school is right around the corner, causing moms and dads across Canada to gear up for the big race -- the race against the clock! Any parent who has a child in school, knows that back to school mornings feel more like participating in a marathon than enjoying a relaxing start to the day.

To help parents organize a stress-free back to school routine, Professional Organizers in Canada are offering five easy steps that will have your mornings running smoothly.

Five Steps to Organizing A Stress-Free Back to School Routine

1. Have a face-to-face conversation with your kids

Back to school can be just as stressful for children as it is for parents. Have a face-to-face discussion a week or two in advance to get a sense of what things your child might be worried about or need extra assistance with.

2. Let your child pick out at least one morning activity that he or she will be responsible for

You might be the parents, but that doesn't mean you need to carry all of that back to school weight! Have your child pick one thing that he or she is responsible for in the mornings -- whether it is letting the dog out, or cleaning up after breakfast, there is always something they can help with.

3. Keep the morning necessities close to where they are used

Back packs, lunch boxes and after school sport wear should all have an easy-to-find spot in your home. Choose areas where you know your child will remember them and make it easy for every member of the family to do so--baskets, boxes, bins or drawers are best.

4. Put together a homework station

With your child, decide on an area in the home where he or she can complete their homework. This will help both of you remember where it is on those hectic mornings. For instance, the desk in the family room might be a good place to do homework, the counter in the kitchen where meals are prepared, not so much!

5. Organize a carpooling schedule with a friend or neighbour

Carpooling is a great way to save time, money and energy in the mornings. Organize a carpooling strategy two weeks before school that will make going to school easier for all parties involved!

As the school year continues

Plan a quarterly review with kids -- it's quick and helps them remember to do their part in the mornings:

  1. It shouldn't last beyond 10 minutes if it's done regularly.
  2. Give them a heads up that you plan on doing a review.
  3. Make a list of the items in question ahead of time.
  4. Have them make a list too! Anything that they're finding difficult, frustrating, or really enjoy doing in the mornings.
  5. Keep it positive. School can be a stressful time for children so you want to ensure that morning routines send them off to school in the best mindset possible.

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