08/30/2012 02:01 EDT | Updated 10/29/2012 05:12 EDT

Why Justin Trudeau Could Save the Liberal Party


The Liberal Party of Canada has been on a downward spiral since Prime Minister Jean Chrétien retired over a decade ago. Successive leadership contests and elections have seen the Party move from first to third place in the standings. The wilderness has been long. The failures have been difficult to accept. The disappointment has been too visceral to ignore.

Justin Trudeau has spent the summer taking a walk in the sunshine, not the snow, but the dauphin has been reflecting on his future.

Late yesterday, the rumour mill revealed that the son of Canada's influential Prime Minister was quietly drawing the guidelines of his bid to lead the Liberal Party of Canada, and perhaps to lead Canada back to the values of equality, integrity, multiculturalism and federal unity that his famous father stood for so many moons ago.

The rumour divulges some telling details that bolster the hopes of a generation of Canadians who have become disillusioned with the divisive nature of today's political field: Trudeau Jr. is said to insist that every member of his campaign team be under age 40. This signals a purposeful shift from the oft-drawn well of "neutral ethnic" baby boomer males from which the Liberal Party has picked its backroom over the last 20 years.

One might also speculate that a Trudeau team would strengthen its ranks by including women, visible minorities, immigrants and homosexuals, thus mirroring the true diverse nature of the country they aim to serve. This tactic could become the embodiment of the ideals Pierre Elliott Trudeau (R.I.P.) designed.

As the details of this historic adventure will surely emerge, let us take a moment to relish in all the possibilities that lay ahead for Justin Trudeau, for the fledgling Liberal Party, and for the country we love.