12/30/2015 03:43 EST | Updated 12/30/2016 05:12 EST

5 Essential Resolutions For A Healthy 2016

Brad Wenner via Getty Images

I love New Year's resolutions! All those pesky loose ends from 2015 can be collected and tied into a bow for the new year.

Here are five simple and transformational steps for making 2016 your healthiest year yet:

1. Drink more water.

No matter who you are, chances are that your water intake is under the recommended two liters per day. Benefits have been well-documented, so why not add this resolution to your New Year's list? Here's a tip: if you're a lover of all things caffeinated like me, get a jumpstart by drinking a glass of water before the first cup of coffee.

2. Plan a diverse workout.

It's January and we're all looking askance at the empty holiday cookie plates. Chances are, physical health is part of your New Year's plan. So listen up: your body loves variety! So shake up your routine and incorporate variety into your plan. Swim, then go for a walk, hit the slopes, find a dance class. It doesn't matter what you do, but change your usual pattern. I'm a yogi, so I'm adding more cardio and squats to my physical palate. For a nerdy explanation of why it works (as well as other great hints), check this out.

3. Reduce sugar.

Sugar is a good buddy to a lot of baddies: heart disease, cavities, and weight gain. So I'm going whole hog on this resolution for January, friends, to reset my sugar palate after December's indulgence. No alcohol, no added sugar, no starches (pasta, rice, flours, wheat). Do what feels right for your lifestyle (any reduction in your sugar intake counts!). And keep an eye out for those hidden sugars tucked away in your food. The more you reduce your sugar intake, the more those pesky cravings for cookies and wine will go away. It's a good cycle to launch your year.

4. Incorporate a weekly self-reflection.

Reflection is an oft-neglected -- but essential -- component to learning and growth. Take time every week to sit back, look at the big picture, and re-steer your ship. What is really important to you this year? Where did you succeed this week? Where did you fail? What does moving forward look like? Too often I expend tons of energy on a project -- only to realize that I've been racing off-course! Your weekly self-check take whatever form serves you: goal setting, walk in the woods, time to reconnect/ nourish, journaling or visioning. You'll be amazed at the clarity that will come from just 10 minutes.

5. Be consistent, not perfect.

I love to make New Year's resolutions that are nigh impossible, then toss my hands helplessly into the air when I fail. A better challenge? Rather than set the bar so high, let's aim for consistency and a get-back-on-the-horse kind of attitude. While we aim for 100 per cent success in our resolutions, let's recognize that it's human to wind up with 70-80 per cent success rate. Consistency will help turn "resolutions" into habits that will set the foundation for an awesome year.

Happy 2016!


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