02/07/2014 12:20 EST | Updated 04/09/2014 05:59 EDT

Urban Cowboy Codie Prevost Is 'All Kinds of Crazy'

You know what is "all kinds of crazy?" Me liking country music. Yup, me the '80s child who grew up on a fusion of Madonna, Debbie Gibson, the New Kids on the Block and all things Bollywood. I was never exposed to country music until I was in my late teens/early twenties, and unfortunately the country music I heard then was different -- old school (but not in a good retro sort of way). In my mind I created an image of all country music as depressing, and not for me. I would later eat my words while wearing a Stetson (which I totally borrowed for a picture) and singing along to almost every song played at the 2011 CCMAs!

In fact, the Canadian Country Music Awards was how I was introduced to the music of Saskatchewan artist Codie Prevost, who totally breaks the stereotype of country music. He's part of a new category of country musicians: the urban cowboy. Hip, cute, and equally charming on a tractor, or a motorbike (do cowboys even ride horses anymore?). Oh and these urban cowboys also sing love songs, nothing depressing here!

I was instantly drawn to Codie's music because he has an amazing voice, a kind soul, and an awesome back story. He grew up in a town with only 300 people, started singing in his mom's bar, and later took out a small business loan to finance a trip to Nashville to record his first album The Road Ahead. Sounds like a Lifetime movie right? It was the combination of good music, a good heart, and the good old Canadian story that hooked me on Codie's music, and I'm still a fan.


Recently I got to preview his new album All Kinds of Crazy that's released March 1, and I was not disappointed. While I love the single "Someday" which has released on radio across the country and is all about faith, love, and belief; my favourite track is "I'll Be Your Whiskey." Maybe it's because I'm the kind of girl that sometimes drinks whiskey in a teacup -- or maybe it's because, it's the song that feels the most country to me, whatever that really means.

If you have been avoiding country music or thinking it's not for you, I encourage you to start following some Canadian country artists, there is so much change happening in this scene right now. You might surprise yourself like I did, because honestly, if a Jordan loving, leg warmer wearing, Bollywood buff like me can be converted to a girl who loves cowboys, anyone can!


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