08/29/2013 05:09 EDT | Updated 10/29/2013 05:12 EDT

Scenes From ColombiaModa 2013 [PHOTOS]

*This is part of Ramp 1885's newest series, "Fashion Travelogue-Medellin Edition" where we personally highlight the runways of the city's fashion week, explore the city's greater style scene including cool boutiques and fab street style and chats with the city's style makers. Perfect for the fashion traveller.

The ColombaModa 2013 (Colombia Fashion Week) official opening fashion show was that of Colombian designer Francesca Miranda who presented her Fall/Winter 2013 show with an ethereal ambience.

Working with the Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History as part of her ode to the year-long celebrations commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Year of Culture of St. Augustine.

Presented by Bancolombia American Express, Miranda continued on her quest to celebrate and make note of the cultural contributions made by the Colombian Pre-Hispanic people. Her collection's storyboard took colour by her trip to Saint Agustin Archaeological Park. The designer noted the importance of the awareness as being the first fashion show of Colombia Moda 2013. "On this occasion, I want to regain strength for the textures mixed together, sublimate Columbian cosmology."

Backstage the designer exclusively told Ramp 1885 her intricate use of lace (that Miranda brought from Paris), which was evident throughout her collection. Almost like a soft and hard dichotomy of fashion, Miranda elaborates, "I love lace. I love texture. [I love to] put one on top of the other, make it different but you have to make still look delicate. I've also painted the inside the lining as well so that you see dimensions." The colours were also filled with nature, captivating a natural essence. we asked Miranda if that was on purpose. "It's natural on purpose because the theme is a beautiful place for more than 2,000 years and you see beautiful flowers and animals. So I picked very natural colours."

Photography courtesy of ColombiaModa/Inexmoda 2013

Francesca Miranda Fall/Winter 2013 at Colombia Fashion Week