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Sao Paolo Fashion Week's Sizzling Spring/Summer 2013

Sao Paolo Fashion Week displayed curves, lines and plenty of steamy silhouettes as part of their Spring/Summer 2013 presentation. From piles and piles of fabric, to a light and airy surfer girl feel with neoprene, here are our highlights!

By: Hina P. Ansari

Sao Paolo Fashion Week displayed curves, lines and plenty of steamy silhouettes as part of their Spring/Summer 2013 presentation. Here are our highlights!


Cavalera "Salvador Rocks"

Founded in 1995 by Alberto Hiar and Iggor Cavalera the former drummer one of Brazil's famous heavy metal bands, Sepultura. This year they have used a visual feast of various proportions to describe their creative story for this season. With the backdrop of a junkyard in Bristol, poetic images of angels on wagons and of course ending the show with a protest asking for more attention to the Brazilian fashion industry it was sheer inspiration on all sorts of levels. Urban pieces, motorcross, and of course a hardcore declaration of love for the city life were all solid points creativity. Using materials including resin, denim, gauze and silk macramé, this season's showing is buoyed by an impressive arrange of interesting silhouettes, luscious layers and an undeniable hard lesson in fearless fashion.

Ronaldo Fraga

Sunshine proved plenty with Ronaldo Fraga's collection. A pioneer at Sao Paolo Fashion Week his return this season was trumpeted as a much-needed boost to the entire week as fashion fans were hoping he would show (as he's skipped seasons in the past). This time he did not disappoint. With a delicious use of tribal prints, fantastic collection of maxi dresses, overlapping cut tops and layers and layers of easy breezy nature-inspired motifs, it's no wonder that piling it on -- is to say the least -- is this designer's fashion mantra. I'm already loving the print-on-print-on-print take with accessories (love the endless stacks of beads) and fantastic head pieces serving as the cherry on top.

Lino Villaventura

Elegance is the word. This collection -- which deliberately did not have a theme -- was no problem with the fashionistas lining the rows. The clothes spoke for themselves and they spoke in volumes. With fantastically cut evening gowns, mesh shirts for men and, of course, the playful use of masks allowing the models to really shine with their sultry struts down the catwalk. Villaventura let the models and the clothes tell their own story. Leave it up to the imagination of the viewers. The use of a strong metallic colour theme mixed with jewel tones provided the substance that one requires when making an entrance in the grand ballrooms of the summer soirees of this world.

Osklen "Endless Summer"

Oskar Metsavaht's collection is a love story for the surf. With this super cool presentation of surfer wear all in sun-kissed shades including bronze, white, sand and in the seductive hue of the Brazilian sunset. With the uses of such a variety of fabrics including linen, neoprene, silk knit terrycloth, this collection shows off the beauty that can be derived by staying true to nature's gifts. Most notably the sand and surf.

Photography courtesy of Fashion Forward/Sao Paolo Fashion Week


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