01/04/2012 12:30 EST | Updated 03/05/2012 05:12 EST

Zagreb Fashion Week Redefines Modernity

Borna Cavrag

By: Triston

Photography by Borna Cavrag

The runways in Croatia at Zagreb Fashion Week had heads turning, cameras clicking and critics like me salivating.

In a show that merged high-end couture, contortionists and other circus performers, Ivana Popovic trailblazed with a more modern take on what fashion is. Colour spoke volumes, nothing was understated. Only the bold and adventurous would dare to wear this. Sleek and flowing, in a dazzling array of hues, the Ivana Popovic show caused a stir on the runway with clothes that spoke to the individual in all of us.

Ana Kujudžic debuted a line that could be described as Pocahontas hits the concrete jungle. Ties, lace-ups, tunics and more. More subdued colours were featured, but with more daring cuts and lines.

Toni Rico is bringing men's classic elegance back to the forefront... where it never should have left. Hipsters have a new look to aspire to. Fitted clothes are making a re-emergence: buttoned-up shirts, flowing pants and classic vests. This is the look your father's father could even agree with.

Carlos Diez took his men's collection to another plane with white tops and print bottoms that are for the daring, fashion-forward man who isn't afraid to explore his masculine and feminine sides simultaneously. Beaded short skirts (or were they kilts?) with jackets opened up for a more revealing look, or were tapered down for a more upscale appearance.

Zagreb Fashion Week