06/19/2012 11:58 EDT | Updated 08/19/2012 05:12 EDT

Creative Spaces: The World's Coolest Pools

Tomorrow marks the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, the longest day of the year. The sun is at its maximum elevation, and that means many of us long to be poolside. Whether we use them to relax, exercise, entertain or simply recharge, pools have long been the crown jewel in home design and social status. We all clamor for fun in the sun, and a pool to cool off in.

Books by Slim Aarons Once Upon a Time,A Place in the Sun, and Poolside offer images of jet-setters and the beautiful people living the glamorous life at their favorite playgrounds -- swimming pools. Pools and everything that goes with them -- youth, summer, vacation -- are to be celebrated.

With the help of my colleague, Steven Pedigo, this edition of Creative Spaces not only highlights amazing pools at exclusive resorts that many of us can only dream of but also great pools to dip in at a neighborhood park.

From the Amalfi coast and French Riviera to the Asian mega cities, this slideshow features some of the best swimming pools the world has to offer. As the saying goes: "Meet me at the pool at midnight."

Luxurious Pools Of the World