03/05/2014 12:26 EST | Updated 05/05/2014 05:59 EDT

Black History Month Deepens Racism's Roots

Now that Black History Month is over (didn't take long) I feel more comfortable in saying that I very much dislike it. Black people are more than a month, and are more than several prominent black figures.

Black people want unity, yet with this brief, inappropriately succinct and short-lived celebration black history is separated even more from history books -- where black history is barely found as is. Black history should be a regular part of educational curriculum and media programming, yet it is differentiated and set aside, just as black people were not so long ago. How is this good?

It is like every February black people are fighting for a chapter in a history book; well shit, I think we deserve more than a chapter. We are more than a chapter; we are more than a month. Black history is HISTORY. Relegating black history to a month is a loss, especially today as we move forward, away from racism.

Yay, let's celebrate black history for one month. Let's make this important and vast history tedious by telling the same stories and reflecting on the same figures year after year. Let's subject an important part of our (all of our) history to one single solitary short month. Black History Month should be renamed and it should be about freedom...for everyone. It should be about freedom and freeing enslaved people TODAY. (There are estimated to be 21-30 million people enslaved against their will today.

I do not believe Black History Month is a bad thing. I just believe the ultimate and impossible goal of ending racism is lost within the righteous intent of this specialised month. I believe the core Black History Month accidentally embodies the complete opposite spirit of the Civil Rights Movement. By celebrating black history for one distinguished month makes it acceptable to forget about black history every other month of the year.

Black history lessons should be taught all year around, like regular history, like the rest of history. Do you know how proud I would have been if on a school test I was asked a question about black history...and that test was taken in October? That never happened, yet it should.

As long as black history is given its own month black history will continue to be treated as if its special, different and unique. It sends the message that black people are not like the rest -- just as black people were treated in the past. Am I not right? Does this not make perfect sense? Please share your thoughts.

Black History Month mashes our immensely unforgettable and important history into a tiny little ball and forcefully beats it over everyone's head. We continue to treat black history as if it were a condensed Everest College fast track program...NO, hell no!

Celebrating black history for just one month is not right. Black history should be a part of history and taught as a regular part of curriculum. Having a black history month is completely and utterly counterproductive to this necessary goal.

Black History Month pulls on the rope from both ends.


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