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Reading Bingo Challenge 2014

When facing a new year filled with so many possibilities for resolutions, sometimes it's hard to know where to start. Do you want to challenge yourself to read more in the coming year? What about to read more widely? And where's the motivation to stay on track?

Bingo--that's where! Welcome to Retreat's Reading Bingo Challenge 2014. We've created a printable bingo card with 24 reading challenges! Join us and challenge yourself to read more, to read more widely and to have fun doing it all!

You can approach the Reading Bingo card however you like: beginners, start by getting one line; if you're more advanced, try the whole outside box on the card; experts, fill in the whole card!

We would recommend using one book per space, but if you read a book over 500 pages written by someone under 30, who are we to stop you from cover two squares with one read?


This year, for a little extra challenge, we've also created the Reading Bingo Card: YA Edition! We've come up with 24 challenges related specifically to books geared to teens. But you don't have to be a teenager to participate!


Which card are you going to try your hand at? The original Reading Bingo 2014 card? The YA card? Both? Let us know in the comments below.

Come back here often--we'll be giving suggestions for reads that fit the various criteria in case you get stuck--or join the conversation on social media using #ReadingBingo to show us pictures, crowdsource your next read or just brag about how many squares you've covered! We also have a discussion board on Goodreads! We love to hear which books you're reading and how many squares you're covering so keep us updated as you go! We'll keep you updated with our progress, too!

Ready? Grab your Reading Bingo card and lets get reading!

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