07/30/2015 05:30 EDT | Updated 07/30/2016 05:59 EDT

Here's Some Business Advice for Cecil's Killer

Bryan Orford

We are all aware now of the brutal stalking and killing of the beloved Cecil the Lion from just outside the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.

We also know the man responsible for the illegal killing.

Walter Palmer is a dentist who owned his own dental practice in Eden Prairie, Minn. I'm not sure he'll be business owner for much longer though as the public outcry in response to his actions have been unprecedented.

And while I make my living turning challenges into opportunities for business, this advice may not be what he wants to hear. My advice isn't going to save his practice, nor turn around his reputation. What I'm hoping is that it will save those affected by his practice; his employees, his community, his family and Zimbabwe.

His employees are now immediately affected by his actions as they have become instantly unemployed, and tarnished by his reputation. Is it possible that they will have a hard time finding another job simply because of "guilty by association"? I hope not, but we do know how the actions of others affect the innocent.

He needs to spend some time writing each and every one of his employees a very strong letter of recommendation and absolving them of any guilt by association. My fear is that he is simply so unaware of how is actions have impacted anyone else at this point, he is probably asking them to be patient and wait until this blows over.

Don't you dare! Set them free to find employment elsewhere, and give them as much help as possible. Mr. Palmer should be on the telephone to every dentist in the area looking to see if they can absorb his staff as quickly as possible.

And just in case I assume he is a better man than he is (and I really don't), I certainly expect that each staff member is continuing to receive full salary and does receive a severance/bonus pay when they do find a new job.

His clinic is situated in Eden Prairie as well, and now that community faces a safety concern. I fully expect that there will be damage to his property (this is NOT a suggestion to my readers), and therefore a safety concern for the businesses and homeowners in the area.

Mr. Palmer needs to hire a security firm to protect the area. And yes, protect the building his clinic is situated in. I assume he owns the building, but regardless; there should be security onsite immediately. Don't push any extra cost onto the local taxpayers expecting the local police to protect the area. I can assume you have already cost the local taxpayers more money because of your action, let alone the embarrassment of having one of their own turn out to be Americans Most Hated Man.

And have you thought about your own family, Walter Palmer? I feel so bad for your children. Sadly, other children can be quite cruel and you know that for the rest of their lives they will live with the phrase do you know who their father is?

I have no business advice for your family to offer, but I certainly hope you have not forgotten them in your efforts to defend yourself. Please try to think about more than just yourself this time.

Cecil is the ultimate loser in this situation. Knowing that you have (many times) hunted for the sport, I know you don't believe that. If you feel bad for Cecil it is much more likely that you feel bad for getting caught, and not for his loss of life as that was always your intent.

Give a substantial donation to the people of Hwange National Park and residents of Zimbabwe. Cecil has been a tourist attraction for many years, and because of your actions you are affecting their way of life as well. Their income may suffer, and the business they run will certainly be affected.

Cecil and his pride have many cubs, and you've positioned them for death as well. You know as well as I do how lion prides work. When their protector is gone, so are the cubs in the pride. What can you do about that? Sadly, nothing as this is how nature works.

Nature does not need ANY sport killing. That is not nature's way. How do you justify all the animals you've killed for sport previously?

You need immediately stop your quest for animal blood for purely sport. Get rid of your trophies; get rid of your guns. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Not every business wants to hear what the hired consultant has to say. This is most likely one of those times. Fortunately for you, this advice was free, but not optional.

For the other business people out there who think their private decisions don't affect their business? Think again, and always think of the collateral damage to the people of your business.


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