04/15/2013 12:24 EDT | Updated 06/15/2013 05:12 EDT

Earth Day: Wake Up People, Climate Change Is Kicking Our Butts!

While it is only eight years since I started getting actively engaged in trying to make a difference in our collective footprint, I already feel like a grandfather. I have sat on boards of organizations that mobilize efforts to reduce environmental impact. I have been privileged to address a meeting of 19 First Nation Chiefs and to listen to their views.

I have sat with corporate leaders and seen big changes they are making in their companies. I have watched corporate awareness grow and carbon neutral-bank branches appear. I have been on scientific missions to measure acidity in the oceans and have been part of efforts to save the oceans. I have had the privilege to interact virtually with over a quarter of a million students worldwide through our software. I have had endless conversations with our government and often mused how I wish their glacial progress could outmatch the rate at which glaciers are melting.

I have met inspiring people. I have heard inspiring ideas. I have been inspired.

But with all this, it is hard not to feel we are losing the war on climate change. In just these eight years, while all the efforts grow, the world has actually declined dramatically. There is far more carbon in our atmosphere, there are far fewer fish in the oceans. There is far less ice in the Northern passage and glaciers recede at an alarming rate -- you only have to watch James Balog's movies.

So why do I continue? Because I believe that at some tipping point, we will realize that we are in the middle of World War 3 and we will mobilize. Because I believe that we are a creative species and we can solve this problem. Because I believe that we can change our behavior and that technology can play a massive role. Because I believe that one day we will have bold leaders who will see the economic value of good stewardship and will change our laws.

So why don't we all just stop talking and start doing. Just look around you at the wastage and reduce it. Just do one good action for the earth every day, no matter how small. And, inspire others to do so.

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