05/30/2012 10:11 EDT | Updated 07/30/2012 05:12 EDT

One Gadget To Replace Them All

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Do you have an iPhone? I do. And guess what? The more I use it, the more I have less use for many of the other things I own.

I have less use for my digital camera, my video camera, my portable DVD player, my MP3 player, my digital picture frame, my personal laptop computer, my leather wallet, my texting plan, the built in GPS and Satellite radio unit in my car, my wrist-watch, my clock/radio, my printed boarding passes, my book that contains maps of American cities that I want to visit, my flashlight, my voice recorder, my pen, my recipe book as well as the list of lectures being given by global thought leaders at the various conferences that I want to physically attend in the coming year. I also have less need for shelf space as well as clothing with lots of pockets, carrying cases and adequate storage to hold all this stuff.

A good friend of mine had been encouraging me for quite some time to get an iPhone and I resisted because I felt that I didn't need one. He told me how it would enhance my life and give me an easy and efficient way to perform the various tasks that I do on a daily basis and essentially change the way I operate.

What I've concluded is that both he and I were right. I definitely don't need an iPhone (it's more of a want than a need) and he is right about the iPhone being a facilitator of convenience and creator of efficiency; boy, is it ever! What I didn't anticipate is that all of those other aforementioned things would lose their purpose once I got an iPhone.

The iPhone isn't just a's a multi-category killer that is essentially putting an assault on the relevance of hundreds of devices and changing life as we know it.

The iPhone takes and stores your photos, holds your boarding passes, allows you to buy coffee, maps out directions for where you want to go and tells time in every major city around the globe. It plays the radio or what's on TV, stores and plays your favorite music and movies and when connected to WiFi, it allows you to see and speak to anyone around the world in real time for free as long as they own an iPhone too.

The iPhone can turn in to a flashlight, give you breaking news and alerts as they occur and it can allow you to read your favorite magazines without having them physically with you. It can teach you how to play the piano or about the anatomy of the human body and can instantaneously tell you where all your friends are hanging out on a given night. It can do all of this on the go from any connected locale and all while in the palm of your hand.

The iPhone is a transformational piece of innovation that is making everything that we know today, irrelevant. Having said that, I still don't need an iPhone, but man do I love having one.