03/02/2013 12:04 EST | Updated 05/01/2013 05:12 EDT

This Week Has 7 Tweets: Canada At The Oscars, Flanagan Flames Out, Senate Shenanigans

Canadians love twitter. A LOT. This week in 7 tweets is a weekly column that looks at the funniest, sharpest tweets written by Canadians and is a look back at the week's events through a 140-character lens.

1. Canada at the Oscars

Canada actually had a pretty good Oscar night. Life of Pi, a film based on a Canadian novel picked up some hardware. But the highlight of the night, for many Canadians, came when Argo director/actor/producer Ben Affleck thanked Canada for its role in the historical events that helped win the actor his Oscar.

Comedian and hockey writer @DownGoesBrown gave his two cents about the thank you.

2. Senate Shenanigans

Political watchers woke up on Monday to more stories about Canada's dysfunctional Senate. This time it was Mike Duffy's turn to face the heat and twitter ridicule. Don't fret Senator Brazeau, we haven't forgotten about you.

3. Toronto Snow/Slush

Listen, when Toronto gets snow the rest of the nation is going to hear about it. Sorry about that. Wednesday's snow/slush/"smush"/sleet even got under the skin of the normally unflappable Matt Galloway, host of CBC's Metro Morning.

It also gave us this hilarious double-entendre from bakery owner @Aneesa_P

4. Tomahawk Trouble

Why anyone would spend all that money buying a sports franchise and then not hire a focus group to pick a name is beyond me. Ottawa businessman Gus Takkale got an earful from the public when he revealed that his NBL team would be dubbed the TomaHawks (that capitalized H is pretty stupid too). He backed down but not before Twitter took him to town.

5. Flananigans

Listen, just because you're friends with the Prime Minister doesn't mean you get to go on national TV and say silly things about child pornography Tom.

6. Above it all

If you're not following Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield stop reading this and do it now. While the rest of us are tweeting catty remarks about Anne Hathaway's dress and trolling members of the Canadian political establishment, he's tweeting photos of our blue planet from space.


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