03/08/2013 06:07 EST | Updated 05/08/2013 05:12 EDT

This Week Has 7 Tweets: Toronto Gets Bigger and Ford Gets Grabby


Canadians love twitter. A LOT. Seven tweets is a weekly column that looks at the funniest, sharpest tweets written by Canadians and is a look back at the week's events through a 140-character lens.

1. B.C. Political Meltdown

B.C. Premier Christy Clark is currently dealing with a scandal involving a leaked memo about her party's attempts to influence B.C.'s ethnic communities. It's not good for the B.C. Liberals but it IS hilarious for political watchers of all stripes.

2. Could a Canadian Be Pope?

The Vatican is currently selecting a new pope and Canadian Cardinal Marc Ouellet is one of the forerunners for the Catholic Church's top job. Cue the poutine and maple syrup jokes.

We can get behind Papal Syrup but not Papal Leafs. We all know Oulett is a Habs fan.

3. Toronto Gets Bigger

Toronto inched above Chicago to become the fourth most-populous city in North America. Sadly, this doesn't mean we can have good transit. Of course things got a bit ugly when Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg wrote a column slamming our fair city. Why did you go after the doughnuts Neil?!

4. Stompin' Tom

Canada lost a musical legend this week. Twitter was flooded with moving tributes to Stompin' Tom Connors. We loved this one from Chris Hadfield and this from reporter Antonella Artuso.

5. Rob Ford's Latest Gaffe

Sigh. Another week another Rob Ford scandal. This time it's allegations that Ford groped former mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson. Actor, director Sarah Polley put it best.

Let's just end the week on something a little less unpleasant shall we.

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This Week Has 7 Tweets