10/05/2012 05:26 EDT | Updated 11/28/2012 05:12 EST

The Toronto District School Board Hates Kids

As reported earlier this week, the fine folks running The Toronto District School Board have been up to a few things which have led me to conclude that they do, in fact, hate kids, or at the very least have some bad ideas on what to do with them.

First on the docket was this little number . Now in the perfect world, an all gay school, or one that allows the "free expression of homosexuality" would be awesome, a big step forward as they say. But here's the problem with it. It is, for all intents and purposes, segregation. Removing a visible minority from the public high schools, and placing them in their very own school. Sounds good, but isn't that what they did in Little Rock, AK circa the late 50's. If I recall history class, there were riots and national guard deployments over that. And also note the idea of having an "inclusive society" generally implies having everyone working together, not in their own little sectors.

And of course, this isn't the first time our buddies at the TDSB have decided they know the best way to raise your children and create the perfect society. We all remember the brilliant idea to have Afrocentric Schools in Toronto. The idea was savaged. It stank of the Little Rock style of segregation, not counting the problems associated with Afro-Canadian Gangs in high schools.

So 50's style segregation. That's strike one. How about advocating some of the most perverted things I've ever seen for strike two? Also this week, the main site for the board was caught posting a link to a site with sex tips for kids . Am I the only one who seems to have a problem with a website that tells Tweens to give'er on using carrots for pleasure? I mean sure, you can hear the usual voices "it's nothing the kids aren't already doing". But am I also the only one disturbed by the fact that the kids can barely read or write (Toronto area test scores ) but do know the best way to use a carrot in the bedroom and how to clean heroin needles?

Now kinky sex and heroin shooting? That's fine. Playing road hockey with a hardball? Clearly not fine. This little doozy popped up last year. An orange hockey ball to the face hurts, sure. I've had a few hurled my way. But I'm nearly positive most parents would prefer their children doing their best Tie Domi impression to "pleasuring" themselves with carrots and cleaning heroin needles. But, with risk of lawsuits and bad images, I guess sports can be called a bad influence.

So what has the Toronto District School Board taught us today? That Gay and Black students need to be segregated, Tweens should explore themselves in the veggie section at Loblaws, Road Hockey is bad, and with the way the economy is, cleaning heroin needles may be the only future career they have, if you factor in the test scores.

Feel the hatred yet?