05/17/2012 04:40 EDT | Updated 07/17/2012 05:12 EDT

CHANGE MY MIND: Is Hockey More Important to the Canadian Identity Than the Arts?

With the Stanley Cup playoffs in full heat, Justin Bieber dominating the music charts all over the world and Canadian paintings being auctioned for more than most people's houses, here's a question we're tossing about the Huffpost newsroom: Which is more essential to our Canadian identity? Is it the black puck being whacked about the ice? Or is it the quill of Mordecai Richler and the paint-dipped brush of Jean-Paul Lemieux? When the world speaks of Canada and its identity, do they think about the arts first? Or the sport we claimed the gold for in the 2010 Olympics?

Doug Knight, president of the Governor General's Performing Arts Awards Foundation, and Ryan Doyle, host of the popular daily radio show Friendly Fire on Newstalk 1010, go head to head on this decidedly Canadian topic. You decide who wins.