07/20/2012 04:20 EDT | Updated 09/19/2012 05:12 EDT

Syria Will Get By With Help From its Friend, Germany

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The final chapter of Syria's brutal regime has begun. From the ashes of this genocide orchestrated by the butcher Bashar Al Assad and his henchmen a new Syria will arise. One that puts an end to corruption and nepotism.

It is with great and rare pleasure that I've learned about Germany -- the country where I've been living for the past two decades -- has taken a lead on working closely with the Syrian opposition towards a substantial economic reform for the time after the Assad regime. The German Foreign Ministry is playing a key role in advising and supporting the Syrian opposition on how to end exactly this awful corruption -- part of Syria's tragedy for the last four decades.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung called it boldly and rightly a Marshall Plan for Syria -- as a working group lead by our diplomats is helping the Syrian opposition to endorse a free market economy and leave behind Assad's socialism. The major focus on economy is strategically well picked as it is the ultimate question on how Syria's future will look. Will it be possible to move Syria into a stable state with democratic institutions, the rule of law, peace and no sectarian conflict between the various ethnic and religious groups?

The answer is "yes" if a speedy economic recovery is guaranteed -- a free economy with opportunities to prosper for all social groups is the essential foundation for that. So much time and so many precious lives have been lost on the myth that Assad and his clan of kleptocrats were deep down in their hearts reformers. What an illusion when you look at the brutality of this ruling system.

The initiative by the German Foreign Ministry doesn't come a second too early. As this ruling system is exactly about to fall. The recent attack on Assad's inner circle is a major blow to his regime and has certainly accelerated his downfall. The Syrian revolution has entered the capital Damascus and Assad's despotism is facing its endgame.

Being on the side of political change and the removal of the Assad regime doesn't mean to follow a belittlement of the Syrian opposition -- of course part of it is not what we would call liberal democrats. All the more we need to strengthen and support -- morally and politically -- the true Syrian democrats in the opposition. Not a minority at all and the forces that can and will shape a better future for their homeland.

While I'm proud to see my country taking positive leadership on change for Syria -- with our history we should be on the forefront of supporting democratic change and respect for human rights globally -- I honestly believe my country should with leadership of the U.S. and a few other nations seek a historic step in bypassing the UN Security Council on Syria.

Syria's geostrategic importance and the significant defeat we can deliver to Iran's dictatorship in finishing Assad once and forever requires to put an end to our efforts in solving this issue inside the UN Security Council while it's solution is outside of it. It is one last bold move that we need to take to ensure the real end of Assad's regime is a question of days rather than weeks and months.

The Syrian people deserve our strongest unilateral support to bring their country to peace -- not again, but for the very first time.