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Abbotsford -- The Hidden Gem Of Southern B.C.

I love uncovering hidden gems and when someone told me about Abbotsford, I was delightfully surprised. During my visit, I was touched by the farming community and how deeply they care for what they are doing. It is truly a way of life for them and the region.

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Farms, barns and silo's with Mt. Baker in the background, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.

I love uncovering hidden gems and when someone told me about Abbotsford, I was delightfully surprised.

During my visit, I was touched by the farming community and how deeply they care for what they are doing. It is truly a way of life for them and the region.

Abbotsford is also a growing community of young people who are relocating to this area. They come here because of affordable housing and opportunities. With them, they bring optimism, hope and they continue to open innovative businesses.

Another aspect to the fifth-largest municipality of British Columbia, is the new and upcoming shopping and dining scene.

While I was exploring Abbotsford, I found the locals to be warm, friendly and open. The scenery was gorgeous, with spectacular views of Mt. Baker.

Farm to Table Movement

Abbotsford has partnerships with many Vancouver restaurants. Restaurants like Brambles Bistro welcome people onto the farmland and Restaurant 62 has won several awards. There are also farmers like Taves Farms, Campbell's Gold and Lepp Market who are passionate about the local farm to table scene.

Lepp Farm Market

The Lepp family started with a corn stand, which became iconic. They have Abbotsford's highest end food store. Celebrity chefs, such a Vikram Vij and Trevor Fable have taught cooking classes here.

Taves Family Farms

The Applebarn is the ultimate fall destination. People from across the Lower Mainland visit each fall and have made it an annual tradition. They are also well known for their amazing cider (literally just squeezed apples).

Tanglebank Gardens and Brambles Bistro

Tanglebank Gardens is a "boutique" style nursery situated in beautiful West Abbotsford. Started in 1996, it has become a favorite destination for both avid and beginner gardeners.

Campbell's Gold Honey Farm and Meadery

The Campbell's Gold Honey Farm is so much more than a honey farm. They make honey wine (Meade) and educate children and adults. Amazing to experience the bees and honey first hand!

Restaurant 62

An integral part of the local Farm to Table scene, this fine dining restaurant uses locally grown produce, seasonal foods in their dishes. The protein featured on their menu is from the surrounding communities, combined with an award winning wine list, makes this an original dining experience.

Fashion Forward West Abby

Emerging style and beauty, combined with big brand name stores and luxury properties. This up and coming area of Abbotsford has a mix of local boutiques and high end shopping.


The award-winning Chocolatas's owner is Wim Tas. A Master Chocolatier, Wim makes delicious unique style chocolates. If you love chocolates, then this is the place you should visit in Abbotsford.

High Street

High Street is all about community events. From ping-pong tables to outdoor yoga and swing dancing, it's the shopping hub with a vibe.

Brookside Inn

Attention to detail is their specialty, very warm and welcoming owners and the breakfasts are out of this world. This beautiful Inn is close to the airport.

Brodeur's Bistro

A mix of Montreal and New Orleans cuisine. This restaurant has won many accolades from locals and visitors alike. Their menu features photos of each dish, making it easy to find something delicious.

Oldhand Coffee

A community focused café, famous for its specialty coffee and mouth-watering pastries. Old Hand Coffee is a popular spot for students, locals and visitors alike.

Epicentre for Trendsetters- East Abby

Amazing vibe with boutique style stores and cafes (independently owned and forward-thinking). You can easily walk around this area and try the local cafes, shop at vintage stores and visit Historic Downtown Abbotsford.

The Market by Spruce Collective

An interesting mix of vintage and antique. Plenty to see and uncover in this fascinating store.

Duft & Co Bakehouse

Duft and Co Bakehouse has been a huge hit in Abbotsford. The owners a couple from the Valley, moved to Vancouver and then moved back to Abbotsford to settle down and open their café with amazing pastries.

Tracycakes Bakery Café

Tracycakes Bakery Café is celebrating 10 years of cupcakes this year. Their cupcakes have had media attention. Tracy (the owner) is a mom who decided to open this cute bistro and make cupcakes and sandwiches, and then it exploded.

Fieldhouse Brewing

Fieldhouse Brewing is a popular spot in Abbotsford. They provide a welcoming space for the locals to bring their families and enjoy a pint. This brewery is a destination for beer lovers.

Getting There

Located 72km/43 miles from Vancouver or a 3 hour drive from Seattle, WA. There is also an airport that services the Abbotsford area.

Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to live life to the fullest. Let's explore some wonderful places and have the very best 2016!

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