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Top Tips For Taking Amazing Travel Photos And Videos

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A woman in a white dress taking a photo with her iPhone while riding on a long tail boat to a tropical island in Thailand.

I love travel and I love taking photos and shooting videos. But how to create photos and videos that people will really enjoy?

Here are the top tips for taking amazing travel photos and videos:

Top Travel Photo Tips

Consider "people, places, things."

This is a useful tip for fantastic vacation photos: the greatest travel photos will often include all three of these.

Get close.

There are a few ways to do this. First, you can use the telephoto feature found on your camera. Try to zoom in on the subject of your photo. The second is to move in closer to what you would like to photograph.

Getting closer to your subject, allows you to get a more detailed meaningful photo.

Know where the light is.

The easiest way to get a fabulous shot is to put the subject in a good source of light. Think about the best time of day for light and where you can find good lighting for your photos.

Change angles. Turn the camera on its side.

Sometimes, turning your camera on its side can take a bland photo and turn it into something spectacular. Always think about the composition of your photo.

Get On the Move.

This is a great tip. Shoot the same photo but from different spots. Move around and try to take the photo from a higher location, then a lower step and from the side. By moving around, you will get a feel of where the sweet spot of the photo is.

Top Travel Video Tips

To find out all the hottest tips for shooting amazing travel videos, I spoke with Dan May, president of Blackmagic Design. Dan shared the best tips for travel videos.

What features should you look for in a camera to create the best travel videos?

These are the questions I think people need to ask themselves to help evaluate their camera choice.

1) What quality am I hoping for this to be?

2) How important is ease of use and transport going to be to me?

3) How much time am I putting into the production of these shots, be it in setup or post production?

Essentially this boils down to, am I trying to really transport the person to these amazing places, or am I more concerned about sacrificing quality to just get shots uploaded quickly.

What are the differences between shooting with a cell phone camera or a camera?

Cell phones are great because they are easy to transport, you can quickly get shots, and it is easy to get things uploaded to the web quickly. The thing you are sacrificing is the quality of the images you can get out of a professional camera.

You can find professional cameras which are small and still brings the ease of use and the small form factor to the table, at a very affordable price, but adds the ability to capture cinema quality video that can really make a production look outstanding!

Which is the best type of camera to start off with when first making travel videos?

I do think this comes down to some personal preference as to what someone is trying to achieve. Ultimately, these are all great tools for the toolbox, and what someone is trying to achieve may dictate what tool will be best for them to use.

What are the basic tips and how to's for amazing travel videos?

I think the big thing for people starting out is understanding that great videos actually take time and planning! Just heading out with a camera to get some shots can work, but actually understanding what shots you want to get beforehand and how much work you can put in the post production to make an excellent video will be important to making a great looking video.

It is when people develop that understanding that they actually can become more efficient at what they are doing, and it lets them spend more time getting what they want out of the process of making great videos!

Any other tips?

Being creative is a great start, but planning and practice are what allow people to really develop a great skill set and what make fantastic and enjoyable videos.

Please let me know in the comments below, if you have your own travel photo or videos tips. I'd love to hear from you!

Let's keep thriving and living our very best lives! Keep an eye on my blog, as I continue to travel to unique destinations and reveal all the best travel tips.

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