08/18/2014 12:16 EDT | Updated 10/18/2014 05:59 EDT

Top Tips For Gorgeous Eyelashes


When I was young, maybe nine or 10, I sat on the bathroom counter watching my mom as she would curl her lashes and gently apply mascara. As I grew into my teens and started to experiment with makeup, I would mimic how my mom had curled and carefully applied mascara to her lashes.


Now, in my forties, my bathroom drawer is filled with mascaras and eye lash curlers of every shape and style. Lashes are kind of an obsession of mine. Even when I am outdoors and going for a hike, one of my friends called me out for wearing heaps of mascara.

It seems everywhere you look these days, there are more types of mascaras and shapes of wands than ever before. I recently spoke with Denee Noel, Cosmetics Sales Manager at Holt Renfrew Vancouver to find out the best mascara wands for different lashes.

Denee shared with me, "Generally, there are two types of mascara wands. Combs and brushes. There are variations of each but usually a mascara will have one of the two options."

How To Find the Best Brush For Your Eyelashes

Think about what a comb vs. a brush will do for your hair. If you have really curly hair, a comb won't be the best choice. Combs separate whereas brushes add volume. Pick the wand type first and then think about the formula. Glossy formulas are heavier so they will weigh the lashes down. A brush in a glossy formula will deposit more product than a comb in a dryer formula.

Tools That Can Help Your Lashes

Always keep disposable mascara wands on hand. You can purchase these at most drug stores. They are much better at separating lashes than a toothpick or a safety pin, not to mention A LOT safer! Finding a great eyelash curler is a necessity as well. Favourites are Shu Uemera and Laura Mercier

Other Tips and Tricks For Your Lashes

Lash serum is a fantastic idea! There are new mascaras out now that have serum built in. This can help your lashes to grow. Dior makes a great lash primer that also strengthens lashes, Dior Maximizer. Apply one to two coats and before it dries add your favourite mascara. This combo = killer lashes!

After you have picked your perfect mascara it's time to frame your face. Eyebrows! Get those angles on point. Watch for my next blog when I write about top tips for having the best brows in town.

Keep your eye on my blog, as I continue to look for ways to help you feel and look your very best self. If you have questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment below I would love to hear from you.