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J-Law to Beyoncé: How to Get Celebrity Hair

We are fast approaching the second month of the new year. Many of us made resolutions, or made a decision to change things up in our daily lives.

In the world of hair, seasonal trends always tend to be made up of the three most talked about lengths: short, medium and long. Then there are always versions of red, blonde and brunette, along with the countless ways to style and dress the hair. I continue to ponder what life would be like with long blonde hair.

The most popular resources people turn to when following current trends are to fashion magazines and entertainment online. With the constant turnover of celebrity reinvention in the media, it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends.

It is very easy to become inspired by high profile stars going through big hair style transformations, and the past six months have been a very provocative time for image changes.

Taylor Smits, a senior stylist at Aveda Tonic says "Jennifer Lawrence, has made headlines for her style choices and 2013 was her biggest year yet. Her look changed dramatically, while remaining timelessly beautiful."

The story behind Lawrence's short pixie wasn't as simple as a new movie role. Her hair was apparently so damaged from over colouring for different roles that she had no choice but to have it cut very short. It just so happens to look amazing on her.

Taylor shared some of his top tips to have your hair looking as fabulous as the stars.

Get the look: Jennifer's "Pixie":

• The nice thing about styling a short cut is that it is quite fast. Prep the hair with a couple of drops of hair oil.

• Blow dry the hair with a paddle brush to loosen up the natural growth patterns. Finish with a texturizing creme or shaping wax, depending on how much hold and grip you desire. Mess it up!


Many were wondering what was going on with Beyoncé in 2013, seeing her go through multiple drastic hair changes during her world tour. It wasn't until she released her surprise visual album in December when it all began to come together. Pulling off this much reinvention is no easy task, unless you are Beyoncé. For those of us who don't have top stylists and wig/extension specialists at our disposal, we can definitely take inspiration from some of these beautiful looks.

Get the look: Beyoncé's "Beach Wave Bob":

• Prep the hair with a few drops of a hair oil and a leave-in/heat protectant on the mid-lengths and ends. Layer a few pumps of styling foam throughout the hair for volume. Blow dry with a paddle brush to loosen up the natural growth patterns.

• Once a natural volume is achieved and the hair is dry, add two drops of the oil to add more shine before ironing.

• Take one inch sections and wrap hair around a curl rod with a tapered end, or a three quarter to one inch curling iron, paying attention to wrap the hair away from the face on both sides. Finish with a drop of oil and scrunch into the hair, loosening the texture and giving a sexy shiny finish.

Colour chameleon: Anne Hathaway and Kim Kardashian made pretty bold choices with their hair colours in 2013. Both stars went lighter and looked great doing it. Kim went for a summer blonding effect, continuing her ombré-like colour trend with an all-over lighter base graduating to even lighter ends. Anne really went for it at the 2013 Met Gala, debuting an all over platinum look.

Get the look: Anne's "Swept Back Crop":

• Prep hair in the same fashion as the Jennifer "Pixie". Blow dry off the face with a paddle brush for height and movement. Finish with a control paste and hair spray for a firm hold.

Here are a few more examples of stars that went big with their style transformations.

Supermodel Coco Rocha and Pamela Anderson both traded in their signature long locks for fresh short cuts. Jennifer Aniston revisited a longer bob look. Rihanna's ever changing style showed us a beautiful short crop.

No matter what the circumstances may be, embracing the idea of change can do wonders for self esteem and personal growth. Think about it, when's the last time you changed your look?

Stay tuned to my blog and share your comments below. Your tips and suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to find pretty, stylish hair trends.

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