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How To Get Super Sexy Eyelashes

There are few things that I love more than a good helping of mascara. Probably a little bit too much. I love the look of thick, black, fluffy eye lashes. I have visited several cosmetics counters in the past and the lady behind the counter would almost always inevitably suggest to me that I tone down the mascara. I will tell her, "sure I will try the light brown mascara that you can hardly notice and looks natural". But on the inside, I am thinking, I just want to get to the thickest brush I can get my hands on to curl up my lashes.

Is there anything better than batting your eyelashes at a cute guy across the room? I think not.

Recently, I tried eyelash extensions and I would say the only problem I have with them is how addictive they are for me.

I now spend too much time staring at those lush lashes gently curling their way up my eyes. I spend an endless amount of time in the bathroom separating the lashes so they are neatly lined up. For a mascara fanatic like me, eyelash extensions are just heaven.

Recently, I spoke with Joyce Poon, President & Founder of Noir Lash Lounge and she shared with me her inside tips and tricks to having amazing lashes.

Joyce shared with me who are eye lash extensions for, "Anyone really who wants either volume, length or both!" Joyce continues, "There has been continuous development in materials and techniques."

She told me that there are different types of eye lash extensions. The traditional eyelash single eyelash extensions are available in either polyester or synthetic mink. There is also a new technique now used which is called, Viva La Volume. This technique applies multiple lightweight synthetic mink eyelashes onto a single natural lash. This is very different from the clusters and flares, singles lashes won't damage your natural lashes.

Beauty comes at a price. Joyce shared with me the price range that eyelash extensions can cost. A onetime lash application can range from $20 to $250.

I have also heard of some celebrities who have had their eyelashes done and the price has soared to hundreds of dollars for a onetime application.

Eyelash extensions do have their advantages. It definitely makes getting ready much faster and you can go makeup free once you've had your lashes applied. If you are athletic, there will be no more mascara falling into your eyes. For the woman who likes false lashes, applying and removing false lashes on a daily basis can be tiresome and for some with simply very busy lifestyles (new moms and professionals), being able to get up and just go is a major time-saver.

Before you go out and get the extensions you should be aware of the maintenance involved. You need to be more careful washing your face. After you get eyelash extensions done for the first 24 hours you cannot get your eyelashes wet, but after that, they can get wet and are great for beach vacations. Try not to rub your eyes, but that's not a good habit to have with or without extensions. Regardless if you have extensions on or not, it's important to keep your eye area clean. With the extensions you will also need to use oil-free products around the eye area.

I am always on the lookout for clean spas. I asked Joyce what are the top tips to make sure that the eyelash extensions are done in a sanitary environment and how to ensure that you get the best service. Joyce shares, "Ask plenty of questions! What the adhesive is made of, where it's made, what type of training they received (most schools certify after a one or two day course). Ask about their size selection, how many sizes they carry, how often they replace their adhesive and of course, their sanitation procedures."

Joyce shared her other top tips for lovely lashes, "Oils are going to be what break down the adhesives, so being careful with the makeup products you choose will help. Most pencil liners are actually oil-based."

Final thoughts on eyelash extensions. If you have been reading my blog for a while you know I am always on the look out for vegan and earth friendly products. If this is important to you, ask the spa if they use animal products and their lashes are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. You may ask ask the spa providing the service if the adhesive is formaldehyde and latex-free too.

Keep your eye on my blog, as I continue to look for ways to help you feel and look your best.


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