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Hot Eyeshadow Trends For 2015

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For many, many years if you looked in my bathroom drawer, you would find only three different eyeshadows. An individual pink, brown and navy. I didn't have much variety in my looks and really couldn't have imagined how fun it would be to play with different colours.

I have been experimenting and trying new colours when I get ready in the morning and it is fun!

To learn more about how to use eyeshadows and the latest trends, I spoke with Adi Lando, Sephora PRO Lead, Canada

What are the latest trends for eyeshadow?

We see a lot of eye shadow palettes that are usually filled with fun, playful, sparkly and fearless shades. It's a fun time of the year and that's when we dare to play with colourful shades and really have fun.

What are the hot colours this winter?

In the winter our wardrobe tends to consist of darker colours like blacks, greys, etc. so it's the right time to introduce more colours to your makeup routine. Lavender, plums and berries are great colours to introduce to brighten up the winter season.

How to choose the best eye shadows for your skin type and age?

Choosing the best eyeshadow for your skin type is a personal preference. There are a lot of different textures and finishes you can play with, such as creams, powders and liquids, matte, shimmer and sparkle.

And when it comes to mature women, cream textures look great, powders should have a soft satin consistency, and eye shadows should be demi-matte and low sheen.

How to care for eye shadows?

It depends on what texture the shadows are. Powder eye shadows can last up to two years, and to help them last this long it's important to clean your brushes after every application. Creamy textures are prone to build more bacteria if left open for long period of time so make sure to close the lid after every use.

Top tips for applying eye shadows.

It all depends on the formula, texture and tools you are using which are very important for a successful application. Powder eye shadows are better applied with brushes, cream eye shadows can be applied with brushes or finger tips, and eye shadow sticks can be applied directly to the eyelid.

Creating different effects is achieved by combining formulas, textures and finishes and by layering the product. For example: Creamy product should be applied before powders, you can layer the powder on top of a cream, or use cream on the eyelid and powder in the crease, that would give a multiple texture to the eye.

Using different brushes will play a big part in creating different effects. Also eye primer is a great way to promote long lasting wear.

Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to enjoy life to the fullest. Let's have the very best 2015!

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