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How To Get A Completely Fresh Look This Fall

woman in autumn city
woman in autumn city

There is nothing I love more than a complete makeover. It is wonderful when a person can venture out of their comfort zone and try something new.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be a part of a fall makeover for a busy, hard working mom. I also spoke with several style experts on makeup, haircuts, hair colour and the hottest fashion looks for fall.

First, I spoke with Jaime Donald, lead pro artist for Lancome. Jamie shared the hot cosmetics for fall.

What are the top trends for make up this fall?

For fall 2015, beautiful bold lips are a must have, try such shades as burnt sienna and brick reds as well as Pantones colour of the year marsala with its very wearable earthy wine tone is still on trend.

Black liner transforms any eye shape and is an essential for any women's makeup wardrobe, try it in liquid this season for a more dramatic effect.

The Kim K contouring has been big for a few seasons, but we are seeing a little shift this season, natural flushed cheeks with a touch of highlight, this look won't compete with those striking lips.

What are the top tips for makeup application?

I can't stress enough, primers, primers, primers. Whether you're a busy mom or a full-time career women, you just do not have time to be retouching your makeup throughout the day, nor do you want to be weighing down your purse with all your makeup essentials.

You can get primers for virtually every area of your face that you work on (i.e. foundation, lashes, eyelids and lips). Invest a few more minutes into your morning routine by applying these primers directly under your makeup and you will be loving the way it extends the look of your makeup all day.

Any other tips for make up this fall?

K-beauty is emerging, and we will see it long trending even after fall. What is it you may ask? "K' stands for Korean. Korean women have long known the secret to perfect, dewy healthy looking skin and now those secrets are revealed.

Watch this video for an exciting complete makeover on a busy mom. She now has an amazing easy gorgeous look:

For the latest fall fashion looks, I spoke with Carla Stafiej and Tali Aldous, owners, Mint Style Lounge. Carla and Tali revealed the hottest styles this season:

This fall we are seeing a lot of earthy neutrals such as biscuit, desert sage, and cadmium orange. We are mixing our neutrals with richer natural pantones like marsala, orchid and deep blue for added depth. These tones are amazing to work with because they fit into both a feminine and masculine wardrobe and are easy to build off of.

The trends this year are a great balance between comfort and femininity. We are pairing midi skirts with tucked in boyfriend tees, flared denim with soft blouses and textured boyfriend cut knits.

In accessories, we are seeing a big trend with the oversized scarf, known as a blanket scarf. Which can be used multiple ways to complete any outfit from a cocktail dress to jeans and a tee shirt. Add a panama or a floppy hat in a decadent wool or felt, to polish off any fall/winter look.

To find out the latest haircut styles, I spoke with Carissa Ten-Pow, Senior Stylist, Suki's Salon Morgan Crossing, South Surrey. Carissa shared these top tips:

1- Hot hair trends for this season are medium lengths, the lob, with or without texture. This is continuing to trend because it's so versatile and feminine straight or with and soft wave or bend.

2- To maintain your style, get a trim every 6 weeks. This will keep your style fresh and your hair healthy.

3- Talk to your stylist about professional products that will ensure the integrity of your colour and maintain your hair's health and style.

To find out the latest on fall hair trends, I was fortunate enough to speak with Jessica Van Kuyk at Suki's Salon. Jessica is a master colour designer, principal hair colour instructor, artistic director and L'oreal Professionnel colour ambassador.

Jessica shared with me her views on the top hair colour trends for fall 2015.

What are the top trends for fall hair colour?

Copper hair colour is very big this season. Burnished copper with soft golden accents. For brunettes deep cool violet based hues, for blondes we have two strong trends -- rose gold -- soft champagne and rich golden tones. The second being bronde - a balance of hazelnut and honey hues - universally flattering to all skin tones.

What are the top style trends for fall hair?

A return to extreme lengths -- the xxl trend -- extra-long hair. Waves and texture -- from polishes glam waves to sexy bed head hair. The WOB look -- wavy bob is fresh and effortless looking.

How to care for colour treated hair?

Wash less frequently. Use tepid water. Opt for a gently sulfate free shampoo. Use a heat protectant before blow drying or using hot tools.

I am going to use these helpful tips as I continue to expand by style ideas this fall! I love the idea of a fresh look.

Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to live life to the fullest. Let's have the very best 2015!

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