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How to Change Your Skincare Routine for Fall

With the weather changing and the days getting cooler, our skincare should change too. To find out the latest tips on skincare, I spoke with Charmaine Cooper Education Manager, Dermalogica Canada. Charmaine shared with me the top tips for fall skincare and the best tips for mature skin.


Ever since I got serious about cleaning my face thoroughly at the end of the day, my skin has changed completely. You may have read before, when I wrote about my adult acne. Now, that is gone (most days).

With the weather changing and the days getting cooler, our skincare should change too. To find out the latest tips on skincare, I spoke with education manager Charmaine Cooper at Dermalogica Canada. Charmaine shared with me the top tips for fall skincare and the best tips for mature skin.

What are the top tips for fall skin care?

Keep hydrated - With increasing wind and less humidity in the air, skin loses moisture easily. Use products that help to restore the barrier of the skin (essentially, you want to create a barrier between the skin and the outside world). Try a primer that releases moisture into the skin up to 24 hours later and prevents moisture loss throughout the day. The end result is that your makeup looks better, longer.

Power up with masks - In the fall, we experience weather inconsistencies. Sometimes, we may still get warmer days, sun-filled days, along with windy and rainy, even snow days. Replenishing the skin, controlling the oil and nourishing the skin, are all necessary for optimal skin health. [Using a mask] weekly is a simple way to ensure that you can cover these concerns in as little as 7 to 10 minutes.

Off with the skin! Exfoliate. In the fall, it is paramount that one exfoliates regularly. This removes dry skin cells and flakes from the skin. This reveals a healthier glow.

How often should we exfoliate in the fall and winter?

Exfoliation in cooler months is necessary to keep the skin looking radiant. If using a mechanical exfoliant (scrub), I recommend exfoliating two to three times a week.

To make the most of skin health, it is perfect to follow up your "mechanical exfoliation" with a fantastic masque. Try a hydrating mask for dehydrated skin, or lackluster, and devitalized skin.

What are the best tips to moisturize the skin during the fall and winter?

Always cleanse and tone your skin before moisturizing

Getting the first steps correct, before moisturizing is critical to know how well your moisturizer can perform.

For mature/dry skin, use a moisturizer that contains ingredients that build collagen strength and encourage natural moisture production in the deeper levels of the skin. Use formulas that contain ingredients such as Palmitoyl TriPeptide-5 and Arginine/Lysine Polypeptide (these support collagen production within the skin.) Seek additional nourishing ingredients like shea butter and evening primrose oil as well.

For oily skin (teen skin), use a lightweight moisturizer that gives water to the skin, without a greasy feel. Look for lotions that contain moisture binding ingredients like hyaluronic acid, and sodium hyaluronate. Search for refreshing ingredients like grapefruit that also provides astringent properties to an oily skin.

For combination skin, use a medium weight moisturizer with silk amino acids and glycolipids to lock in moisture effectively, while providing just the right amount of cushion for the skin from the outside world.

Why is it important to remove all makeup at the end of the day?

Removing your makeup at the close of a day is sometimes seen as optional. But it really is not. Going to bed with makeup on the face, contributes to clogged pores and the inability of the skin to fully repair itself at night. This often leads to congestion (blackheads/breakouts) and also added dryness in the skin.

Easy tips to remove makeup are as follows:

1. Use a gentle eye makeup remover, as the skin around the eyes if much thinner and more delicate than the rest of the face.

2. Always double cleanse the face. Our skin carries, throughout the day, both oil-based dirt (makeup) and water based dirt (skin secretions). Cleansing once will not effectively remove both types of debris from the skin. First use a natural lightweight oil based cleanser for your first cleanse, to easily melt away makeup, without compromising the skin. For your second cleanse, use your skin condition specific cleanser. Feel the difference.

3. Short on time? I recommend a convenient cleansing wipe that is portable and removes your makeup without stripping the skin's moisture levels.

Any other skincare tips?

Stay hydrated. Your hydration can come in the form of warmer drinks of water.

Watch the material of your scarves, and their effects on the skin -- these often can cause irritation on the lower jaw and the neck area.

Treat your neck as part of your face routine. The neck area has thinner skin, and a lower threshold of moisture retention. Take your full routine of products to the neck also.

I love all these skincare tips for fall. I am going to use these helpful tips as I continue to expand by beauty routine this autumn!

Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to live life to the fullest. Let's have the very best 2015!

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