02/20/2014 12:19 EST | Updated 04/22/2014 05:59 EDT

How To Look Fresh After 40

Some days when I wake up in the morning I can't believe the face that is reflecting back to me in the mirror. Is that a grey hair I see mingled in with my highlighted blonde strands? Since when did my eyes start to look puffy and lines strewn out to the sides of my face?

Being proactive and wanting to get the very most out of my 40's, I spoke with one of the top makeup artists Ruben Potrebenko, National Brand Educator for Canada Jane Iredale Cosmetics to find out how I can look my very best. He shared with me some of his top tips on how to keep my makeup routine fresh and create smooth looking skin that is natural looking.

Ruben shared with me, "When it comes to colour keep the shades uplifting. Colours should enhance our features and support our assets. I would suggest to avoid anything with a greyish undertone or grey's in general. They can mimic dark under eye circles, they pull the face downward or make us look tired."

Avoid shades that are too vibrant, which may not look age appropriate. You should be wearing the makeup not the other way around.

To have that radiant glowing skin, it is key to understand your skin type. When you know your skin type you can find the right foundation fit. The right formula can help to diminish years and the wrong one can add them. Primers are a must, think of them as your guarantee that the makeup to follow will look smooth, effortless and prevent that cakey makeup look.

Here are the top tips to create flawless skin for women over 40:

- Healthy skin begins with inner health and inner balance. Then we need to prevent and protect the largest organ of our body from environmental aggressions with skin care and sunscreen, not just sometimes, all the time.

- Protect your skin and keep it looking fresh, try to find a daily moisturizer with at least a SPF 30 (rain or shine)

- As we age we lose a vital component of healthy skin; moisture, which in part is responsible for the visible signs of aging. Replacing and replenishing this moisture is paramount.

- Keep hydrated and drink alcohol in moderation. Alcohol is dehydrating and can cause skin to look less plump and uneven skin tone.

- Stop smoking. Smoking depletes the body of Vitamin C which is needed for smooth and healthy skin.

- Cold weather protection. Try a protective cream. These creams are made with minimal water and maximum emollients (unlike some moisturizers which can be made up of mostly water) so the skin stays well moisturized even on the coldest of days.

You are invited to share your experiences in the comments section below and if you have a question, I will do my best to get an expert answer for you.

Keep your eye on my blog, as I continue to look for ways to feel and look your best after 40!


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