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Top 10 Reasons Why the Symphony Is Cool

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When I was quite young my father would take me to the symphony. Did I think it was cool at the time? No. I would sit and patiently colour to pass the time.

Now, I consider the symphony as cool as Radiohead, Boards of Canada or Ele (my new favourite artist).

Recently, I spoke with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and they shared with me the top 10 reasons why the symphony is cool.


1. Impress your date/spouse/friend with how suave and classy you are.

Elizabeth Volpé-Bligh, VSO Principal Harp

2. It has a low carbon footprint.

Karen Gerbrecht, VSO Associate Principal Second Violin

3. There really is no other profession where you can go watch someone's life's work play out in front of your eyes. Orchestral musicians have been working at their instrument since they were four or five years old, and we as audience members get to sit there and watch the result of their hard work and dedication.

Caroline Markos, VSO PR Associate

4. A perfect setting to meet other people who love music!

Warren J. Long, VSO Section Bass

5. Contrary to what most people think, going to the symphony is really affordable. Rush tickets are less expensive than the price of a movie ticket plus snacks!

Cristian Markos, VSO Section Cello

6. Going to a symphony concert makes you feel like you're a part of something bigger than yourself.

Janet Steinberg, VSO Associate Principal Cello

7. You get to get all dressed up, go someplace classy, and listen to 80 musicians play at the same time on instruments that are older than the country of Canada. It's like being enveloped in an intense movie soundtrack!

Chris Loh, VSO Development Coordinator

8. You get to watch a live orchestra perform and world-class guest artists while listening to great music that feeds the soul

Katherine Huang, VSO Special Ticket Services Manager

9. For a lot of people going to the symphony is all about trying something new! Grab a group of friends, have a swanky night out in a place you wouldn't normally think to go, and just experience some great music in a beautiful, relaxing setting...and then Tweet, Instagram, and Facebook all about it after. Your other friends will be jealous. #Fact

Caroline Markos, VSO PR Associate

10. Attending a live symphonic concert is a feast for the senses. People love to be inspired and to share meaningful experiences together. Technology won't change this as it's a fundamental part of our humanness. Even complete novices recognize there is a profound difference between attending a live concert and listening to a recording.

The live experience provides so much more additional sensory stimulus. The sound is enveloping and rich. It arrives from so many different point sources. The intense concentration, physical involvement and interaction of the musicians with the soloists and conductors adds drama and heightens the emotional involvement. Most importantly the audience recognizes that their own participation as involved, active listeners is a vital component of the whole experience.

David Brown, VSO Section Bass

Please share your comments below. Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to enjoy life to the fullest.

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