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Hot Trends For Your Hair Colour

Recently I spoke with Taylor Smits, the Creative Director at Aveda Tonic South Granville in Vancouver about the hottest hair colour trends and he also shared some secrets about the differences between store bought hair colour and having your colour done in a salon.


With the change in the season comes new and fresh hair colours to brighten anyone's look.

Taylor Smits, the Creative Director at Aveda Tonic South Granville with blog author, Sacha DeVoretz

Recently I spoke with Taylor Smits, the Creative Director at Aveda Tonic South Granville in Vancouver about the hottest hair colour trends and he also shared some secrets about the differences between store bought hair colour and having your colour done in a salon.

Difference between drug store colour and in-salon professional hair colour:

It is rare that the hair colour on the box will be able to be achieved at home. Most of the hair colour that has been photographed and put on the cover of a home hair colour kit has been professionally coloured by industry experts, perhaps more than once.

They have highlights, lowlights, colour melting, all the tricks we do in the salon. They have also been photoshopped to make them look beyond perfect. There is no guide to what natural colour these models had to begin with, which greatly affects the end result. You could be a brunette and want that beautiful ash blonde on the box, but there's no way you will be able to get there with one application because you will end up with a less than desirable muddy orange yellow.

Also, standard box colouring contains a 30 volume catalyst developer, which much of the time is far too high, exposing more unwanted warmth and leading to issues with porosity and damage. Many times I've seen guests in my chair that have layers of box colour on their hair, and it looks bright and warm at the root area, and much darker, inky, opaque and rough on the ends from "refreshing" them with every touch up.

It's easy to recommend salon hair colouring services. Top of the line ingredients, thorough customized consultations, and you can sit back and enjoy your experience while sipping tea and not messing up your bathroom.

Colours on Trend This Season:

Flaxen Blonde: The bleached out platinum tresses of spring/summer now have golden dimension added in, roots are left deeper, and wheat/butter highlights add shine and richness, great for those with fairer skin tones.

Bronze Ombre: Honey blonde contrasted highlighting added into overall brunettes for a modern fashion-forward take on the sun-kissed look. Concentrated around the face and neckline in the mid lengths and ends, makes a great transition from summer into winter colour palettes.

Copper: Deep, rich, vibrant, but still natural and timeless, taking inspiration from warm orange tones of the fall season. Looks amazing next to blue and green coloured eyes.

"Sombre": Less dramatic gradation from darker roots to lighter ends, decreasing high contrasting with interwoven lowlights throughout to make the hard lines more subtle.

Cocoa: Deep velvety brown mixing dark hues with chocolaty overtones.

Rose Gold: Flattering for most skin tones, and low maintenance. Add a glossing treatment over highlights with the perfect blend of gold and copper hues.

Colours going lighter/darker:

Blondes: Warm and add depth to lighter tresses by having a demi-permanent glossing treatment applied. The possibilities are endless with tonal choices, from mild to wild. You can have a clear gloss applied with gold or copper to add warmth and shine, you can even darken your blonde down a few notches if you feel like trying on a new look with very little commitment. Glossing applications also double as deep conditioning treatments and their effects last around two months.

Reds: Spice up strawberry ginger hues with adding darker cinnamon lowlights. Place a deeper cherry border around the hairline of vibrant red base to add drama to the eyes and cheekbones. Brighten a dark red by adding subtle rose gold ombre for shimmers of light.

Brunettes: Add warm brown highlighting into black hair to soften the overall effect into a warm black. Add drama to darkest levels of hair by applying a blue gloss or raspberry hued gloss for depth you will notice under lighting.

Hair Colour Tips

Once you have gone darker or lighter, make sure you are committing to the look for a while, you don't want to stress your hair by over-processing from yo-yo-ing back and forth between darker and lighter colours.

Healthy shiny hair comes from treating it well with great home care systems. Use colour-safe shampoo and conditioner that is compatible with the colour line you are using in your hair (yes it matters). Protect the ends of your hair with a daily colour protecting leave in conditioner that will add an environmental barrier and a layer of moisture plus sunscreen.

Over-washing contributes to colour fading, as well as prolonged sun exposure, so use products with built in sun filters, and limit washing to at the very most every other day. Shampoo is for the roots, and conditioning is for the ends. Over cleansing the scalp will strip the natural oils and cause the scalp to over produce these oils, leading to an oily scalp problem.

If you have this problem, begin to remedy this by rinsing the scalp very well every day and only shampooing every other day. Eventually the scalp will recalibrate its oil production and you will not have to cleanse it every day. Dry shampoo also works amazing for prolonging the washing cycle.

Hair Colour Maintenance

Hair colour maintenance is related to what type of colouring service you have had. Most ombres, dark blondes, low lighting, natural highlighting only needs to be retouched every two and a half to three months. For a new growth application to retouch an overall colour with or without grey coverage, expect to make an appointment every four to six weeks.

The ends may need to be refreshed every two or three appointments. The best thing to do for your hair would be to have an in salon deep conditioning treatment every appointment to ensure that your hair remains soft, healthy and shiny through all seasonal changes.

Stay tuned to my blog and share your comments below. Your tips and suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to find pretty, stylish and comfortable fashion.

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