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The Hottest Hair Trends This Fall

Giada, book for jewels
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Giada, book for jewels

I love learning about the latest new hair trends. Recently, I was lucky enough to speak with Ashley Hood, Colour Designer, Salon Manager and Colour Instructor at Suki's Salon. Ashley shared the hottest new hair trends for fall.

What are the hot hair styles and trends for fall?

Texture, Texture, Texture! Either it will be your own natural texture and curl, or a new formed one created in a salon. Yes, I am talking about a perm, but not your grandma's perm. Perms are so versatile now and a great way to create that texture in your hair you weren't born with. For a night on the town, finger waves are on trend and can give you a single use texture that washes out.

Knots - Effortless loop style or a chic chignons knots are versatile and everywhere this season.

Hair jewelry - Tiaras, antique clips and Boho head wraps. These are all over the runways and a fun way to play up your current hair style.

Who can wear these new looks?

Anyone can customize these fall trends to match their own personal style. You can play with the size or placement of the hair jewelry or knotting with your own hair. If you want more 'oomph' go for a bigger curl, to create more volume and definition.

Which hair colours are on trend this fall?

Grown in Roots: This is created by using a demi permeating colour at the roots and leaving the mid and ends light. A great way to transition from old highlights or from an overall blond look.

Other Hot Hair Trends:

Nude Hair: a natural combo of both warm and cool tones, creates a shade that is flattering for all skin tones. Since the combo of warm and cool tones neutralize each other out in the hair, they can do the same for the skin tone.

Rose Gold: stepping away from the brights to baby pinks of spring and summer, rose gold is a great next step. It's a beautiful blend of pink and gold over blond hair. Rose Gold gives a natural blush to the cheeks even when you are not wearing any make up.

Colour Melting: With most clients looking to go darker and richer for fall, this is a great way to achieve this look. This technique melts a dark base colour into lighter multi-dimensional hair, to the mid length and the ends. Creating a natural look but a colour that has a lot of impact.

"Cuivre" colour is red, meaning copper red, gives an intense copper reflect to the hair. This reflection gives a ton of gloss and shine to the hair.

Balayage: Brings it back to the basics. With all the names out there, it almost always comes back to the balayage technique. The Balayage technique is hand painted natural highlights. This is a great way to customize the colour so it is perfect for you. Using balayage techniques, like strobing, will help enhance your natural face shape. Baby lights give a natural sparkle to the hair. Mimicking the hair colour you had as a child.

Natural, Unnatural Pastels: Pastel hair is a skill on its own. The key is to keep your hair soft and healthy. When you have healthy hair as your base, you can create the Dusty lilacs and baby pinks.

Warm blonds: We are seeing the icy blonds cool off with fall and warm blonds taking centre stage. Buttery, peachy, or strawberry blonds are the making a comeback. Don't want to go blond all over? Add some honey highlights to darker bases.

If you want to try a new hair style, what steps should you take?

Book a 15-minute consultation with your hair dresser before the actual appointment. This is a great way to discuss expectations for the day of your appointment. It's important to come armed with photos and a clear vision of what you hope to achieve, but also be open to your hairdresser's suggestions. Once you and the hairdresser have come up with the vision, make sure to discuss home care to be able to maintain your new style and colour.

What are the best tips to maintain these looks?

The more colour, the more care. It's wasteful to spend all that money on your hair and then go home and use the wrong hair care. By using the wrong shampoo, it can completely strip your hair colour, or make your new hair style fall flat. Your hairdresser can advise you on the right hair care tips, so you can maintain your beautiful new look!

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