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How To Find The Perfect Bra For Spring

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I believe that amazing style starts with a great foundation. With the new styles coming out this spring, I am looking for the perfect bra that I find comfortable and feel beautiful in!

Recently, I spoke with Julie Douce-Alexe, Sales Director at Chantelle. Julie provided her top tips on how to find the perfect fitting bra for your shape and wardrobe this spring!

What are the new trends in lingerie this spring?

From what we see and on the market the main trends for Spring/Summer 2016 are:

Print: Florals

Colours: Grapefruit, pink, blue, golden beige

Products: Wireless bras

How to ensure the perfect fit?

Step 1

Check to make sure the band is snug- you should be able to fit only one finger under your band.

Look at your profile in the mirror and make sure that your bra band is straight and low across the back.

The band is too large if it's riding up your back, and too small if it's digging in to the point of discomfort. This is the most important "point of fit'' in a bra since 70% of the support comes from the band.

Step 2

Lean forward, bending slightly at the waist to allow the breasts to fully fall into the cup.

With your opposite hand, reach into the cup of the bra, pulling all breast tissue from the side to the center while holding the wire in place under the arm with your spare hand. Repeat on the other side.

Step 3

Adjust your straps so that they are snug and have some tension, but you can run a finger under them comfortably. Most women have slightly different size breasts so it's fine to adjust the straps to different lengths.

If you have sloping shoulders and your straps keep falling off, you should focus on bras with more centered straps.

If you have average to broad shoulders and your straps keep falling off, then your band is probably too big.

Step 4

The bra has an underwire, make sure that the wires are fully encompassing your breasts at the side and are not cutting into your breast tissue. Then make sure your breasts are not bulging out at the top of the cup.

If either happens, it means your cup is too small and you should go up at least one cup size.

If you experience any gapping at the top of the cup, you probably need to try another style or go down at least a cup size.

Step 5

The centre front should be lying flat between your breasts.

Is there is any space between the centre front and your skin, then your cup is too small and you should go up at least one cup size.

Step 6

When lifting up your arms, your bra shouldn't move. If the cup lifts up to the point of any breast tissue being exposed, then it is too small.

Try some light movement, if your breasts don't stay contained in the cup and need readjustment, the band is probably too big and the cup too small.

Step 7

Stand in front of a mirror and look at your profile. Your breasts should be lifted and supported ensuring you stand straight and confident.

The five things to check:


Check that the band is straight (parallel to the floor) and low across the back. It should fit snug, but you should be able to fit one finger underneath.


Straps should be snug with some tension, but you should be able to run a finger under them comfortably.


The bra's underwire should be resting under the armpit just behind the breast tissue, not on the breast tissue. If the underwire pokes or rests on top of the breast, you need a larger cup size.


The cups should lay flat against the body. If there is gapping at the top of the cup, you probably need to try another style or go down one cup size. If your breasts are "bulging out" of the top of the cup, you need to go up at least one cup size.


The centre front should be lying perfectly flat against your breast bone (between your breasts).

What are the new ways that women are wearing lingerie this season?

Depending of the generations of course, we see new ways of wearing bras. The younger consumers tend to mix and match colours, styles and/or textures; they're also looking for soft and wireless bras. That's why you'll find bralettes with and without wires, with trendy backs.

Regarding the older clientèle, they're looking for two main criteria: comfort and support.

If you have ideas or questions about the bras and fit, please leave a comment below and I will do my best to find the answer for you.

Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to enjoy life to the fullest. Let's have the very best 2016!

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