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Slay Party Season With These On-Point Hairstyle Trends

fashion, beauty, glamorous, luxury, wealthy, new year, movie, celebration, sparkle, shine, cosmetics
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fashion, beauty, glamorous, luxury, wealthy, new year, movie, celebration, sparkle, shine, cosmetics

It's party season and to find out the latest hair trends, I spoke with Alexandera Brown, portfolio artist for L'Oréal Professionnel. Alexandera shared her tips on how you can style your hair so you look and feel amazing this party season!

What are the hot hair styles and trends for this party season?

One of the latest hair trends includes sleek hair swept up off the face with some height up front and slightly disheveled, with a "glunge" texture through the rest of the hair. This style is great for any length of hair, and the contrasts in texture look great for the holiday season.

Another style that is very on trend right now are braids, styled with hair accessories including hair pins, headbands and jewellery. For this season, we'd also recommend having your hair up, as it looks glamorous, sexy and effortless.

glamorous hair clip

Who can wear these new looks?

These styles can be worn by anyone depending on their taste, style and preferred texture of hair. We recommend these styles for ages 16 to 75+.

Which hair colours are on trend this season?

Rich and warm colours, such as espresso and dark chocolates with rich Boudreaux tones or caramel. For blondes, we would recommend mixing the colour with pastel-type tones that are very sheer. Of course, there is also the very blonde and grey tones, which will both be staying on trend.

If you want to try a new hair style this season, what steps should you take?

To achieve any great colour and style, a great relationship with your stylist and salon is key. You need a professional in the field that can guide you through your hair journey. It is a process, and having a salon and stylists you can trust is the very first thing to achieving great hair.

To find out more about the hottest hair trends for the party season, I spoke with Aurélie Jarnet, L'Oréal Professionnel stylist and academy instructor at Suki's Salon. Aurélie shared her knowledge on the latest trends for parties and events.

What are the hot hairstyles and trends for this season?

Lots of texture, loose braids and loose messy buns. It should look like you have done it yourself.

You can also incorporate accessories, like a head band or a shiny barrette to personalize your look for the evening.

Try something new this season:

It is tempting to always follow what it is proper and comfortable for us. Enough with the perfect blow-dry with curls on the bottom. Yes, it does always look pretty, but isn't that what everyone always does? Do you want to look like everyone else, or are you ready for a change?

loose hair braid

Why not try a different 'do just for fun for evening and social events?

You will go out and buy a new dress and new shoes, then why not change the look of your hair for the party season? The great thing about hair is that it is only temporary, because it is just for fun, for an evening or an event. It is only a temporary look.

Get out of your comfort zone for a party!

Don't worry about your hair style, it can always go back to normal on Monday morning. Be adventurous and try something new for that special party!

I am going to use these hair style ideas for the party season! I love the idea of a fresh new look.

Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to live life to the fullest. Let's have the very best 2017!

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