10/01/2014 01:01 EDT | Updated 12/01/2014 05:59 EST

How to Ditch the Gloom and Look Glam on Rainy Days


There is no shortage of rain in the U.K. Merionethshire, Carnarvonshire receives the most amount of precipitation in the U.K. with an annual rainfall of 1,838 mm. Carmarthenshire and Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan, are a close second and third for the wettest places in the U.K.

But how to look fashionable when the weather turns grey and wet? Fashionistas like Amal Alamuddin are seen around London in the latest fall looks and look effortlessly chic and stylish even on the rainiest of days.

I am always looking for easy, comfortable ways to look fashionable and keep dry on the dreariest of days.

Recently, I spoke with Todd Listwin of Mia Melon about the latest fall trends for rain jackets and what to look for in a jacket to keep you warm and dry.

Todd revealed to me the top trends and colours for rain jackets this season:

What are the top trends for outerwear this fall?

It seems obvious and rather silly to say, but outwear and coats are a very big deal this coming fall 14/15. Textures, comfortable wraps, robe or blanket coats and fur have been all over the runways and on the streets. Outerwear is becoming more of a statement piece in a person's wardrobe.

Top colours for fall are rich earth colours. Think deep browns, gorgeous denim blue, navy, crimson, grey and peacock.

What are the best fabrics for waterproof jackets?

Fashion fabrics bonded to micro fleece works best. In between these layers, look for an additional membrane that will keep the water and wind out but still able to breathe. A good rain jacket fabric will also include a DWR process which adds more waterproof protection and helps the water bead off of the fabric.

Other tips or information about what to look for with a high quality waterproof jacket?

Look for weatherproof features similar to the camping/outdoors brands. The similar features and materials that are used for outdoor camping style jackets are also excellent for your day to day rain jacket.

Remember when you consider purchasing a rain jacket you will want to allow extra room for the layers under your jacket too.

Stay tuned to my blog and share your comments below. Your tips and suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to find pretty, stylish and comfortable fashion.


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