09/15/2013 08:22 EDT | Updated 11/15/2013 05:12 EST

How to Care for Your Skin After 40

I am lucky, despite the fact that I am approaching my mid 40s, my skin has held up pretty well. In my early 2's, after a long night out, I would often fall asleep with a face full of makeup still on (ew!), then in the morning wash it off by scrubbing with soap and water.

Then the 30s, when I experimented with nearly every skin care line available. No more soap and water for me, it was time to get serious. It was that sudden panic when you realize you aren't getting any younger and pretty soon your skin will take a serious u-turn if you don't clean up your act.

My oily skin has been a mixed blessing. I have battled adult acne since my youth, but at the same time my oily skin has given me a chance to hold off having lines (for the most part). One thing I have noticed that does change my skin dramatically are the seasons.

Winter I get peeling dry skin around the nose area and in the summers, my skin can be oilier and it is tempting to scrub and wash my face every two hours. Probably not the best care for my maturing skin.

Erica Vega, North American Training and Retail Support at LUSH says, "Listen to your skin! We often find a routine for our skin and stick to it regardless of the season, but as the seasons change, this is a great opportunity to reassess your skin's needs."

Changes in temperature, humidity and how you spend your days will all contribute to a change in how your skin acts. Each individual's skin will need different products at different times of the year (or the week for that matter!), and so you should seek products based on the desired effects rather than general skincare ranges based on your skin type.

Erica's tips to care for mature skin in the fall:

• When skin is feeling a little dull or grimy, exfoliating can do wonders. Exfoliating aids in the natural process of sloughing dead skin , leaving it smooth and bright and decongested. Using a gentle ground scrub can keep your skin feeling supple. Or you may prefer a more invigorating scrub that will give you a refreshed glow.

• As skin matures, it will cycle through and shed dead skin cells more slowly, and the need to exfoliate will also slow down.

• Using fresh antioxidant rich oils like avocado or evening primrose can maintain or improve healthy skin function, reducing signs of aging. Look for moisturizers with vegetable butters and oils instead of mineral oil to deliver a nutritious boost to your skin.

• Massage the skin! Massage tones facial muscles, promotes collagen and elastin production, and improves circulation, feeding cells and removing toxins. Use a vegetable based oil like almond oil or a butter like shea butter to condition the skin and have a good emotional break too!

One last tip, when you are purchasing products for a specific season, try to find smaller size containers of the product. You can save money by having just enough product for that season, then recycle the container and find new products which will help care for your skin the following season.

Please let me know if you have more questions in the comments section about fall skin care and I will try and find the best answer to help you!