02/13/2014 09:56 EST | Updated 04/15/2014 05:59 EDT

The Hottest Trends in Winter Sports Attire

I have spent the past few days lazing around watching the Olympics. I feel inspired by the athleticism of the Canadian competitors and most recently by the coach from the Canadian team who came to the rescue of a Russian cross-country skier, who fell and broke his ski during a race.

Next to true sportsmanship, my other passion is people watching on the ski hills. Trends have changed since the 90's when bright neon prints were seen everywhere on the mountains. Then, in the new millennium the clothes became oversized and hanging off of skiers and snowboarders alike. Now the clothes are more refined and dare I say even chic.

Caroline Ayriss, Personal Stylist & Shopper at WhistlerBlackcomb provided some details on the latest looks for all outdoor activities.

"I would have to say that for both men and women on the hill we have moved past the 'snowboarder/baggier look' " says Caroline "we are seeing that both sexes are wearing much more fitted suits. With suits having four way stretch and thinner more advanced insulation they now provide the same level or better levels of warmth at a lighter and less bulky weight, allowing each individual to maximize their "chalet chic" on the hill".

Another trend we are seeing for both sexes is colour blocking, a more conservative approach to this would be combining a coloured jacket with a neutral pant or vice versa. The more adventurous types will go with a coloured option for both.

Along with colour blocking, the top trends are solid jackets with different coloured zippers, paired with a matching pant to compliment the colour of the zipper. This look allows the skier to have clean long lines and this look is becoming increasingly popular each year.

Après-ski the top looks for women are longer down coats (usually in a neutral color), typically coming to the knee or just above, paired with a knee high boot. Caroline continues "More of the boots being worn are looking more equestrian-like and getting away from the typical looking "snow boot" and much more of a trendy city look meets ski chalet look."

A trend that continues to thrive around ski towns are colourful accessories. Whether it is a toque, scarf or mittens people continue to express themselves through these easy and affordable additions completing their "Chalet chic" look.

Taking note of Caroline's advice I will use some of her tips the next time I head out to the ski hills, with top fashion advice and inspired by the sportsmanship seen in the Olympics, this makes for a winning combination!

Stay tuned to my blog and share your comments below. Your tips and suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to find pretty, stylish and comfortable fashion.