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How To Create Engaging Videos For Your Small Business Social Media

I believe that social media is turning a corner. We are entering an age of authentic communication and exchange online. You can share the very best of your business through videos.


I believe that social media is turning a corner. We are entering an age of authentic communication and exchange online. You can share the very best of your business through videos.

For the latest tips on how you can create engaging videos for your social media and website, I spoke with Karol Warminiec, the National Manager, Training & Events at Sony of Canada Ltd. Karol shared all the top tips and tricks you need to know to shoot amazing content for your social media.

What features should you look for in a camera to create engaging videos for social media and website?

If you're looking to create engaging video assets for your online properties, there are a couple key features the camera you're shooting on should possess.

Here are the ones that top our list every single time:

Compact and lightweight -- you want it to be portable and not an unbearable task every time you want to film.

A wide-lens is essential and allows you to capture more of your subject in each and every frame.

Image stabilization is key, so you can capture smooth pictures and videos without even thinking about it!

A fast focusing camera that can also track moving objects seamlessly is required to accurately shoot your subject.

Being able to add external mics, external monitors and a hot shoe to add external video lights will amp up the quality of your videos and make it the finished product as professional as ever.

Having a sensor tuned for low-light shooting capabilities will also enhance the video experience and give you more usable footage.

A camera that includes a zebra monitor feature helps you prevent exposure peaking.

Last but certainly not least, convenience is everything. Having an HDMI direct output lets you connect directly to your HD or 4K TV without hassle.

What is the difference between using a cell phone camera to create videos and a camera?

Sensor size! The sensor size will dramatically change not only the overall picture quality, but it will highly affect the quality of video under low light conditions. Image stabilization and audio quality are also vastly improved on an Alpha camera versus a cell phone.

Quality and extensions are also crucial. Are you free to change lenses, add external mics, add external video light sources, and add external monitor devices on a cell phone? Certainly not yet. But the amount of add-ons you have for a camera will enhance your video and take it to a much more professional level.

And with Sony's PlayMemories app, anyone has the freedom to share videos to a cell phone for editing and immediate online posting. This makes the need to wait to get home to edit a video a thing of the past.

Which is the best type of camera to start off with when first making videos?

Any interchangeable lens camera or Type 1.0 sensor Sony camera (any RX series Cybershot) is a great start off for making videos. They all offer different shooting modes, video quality modes, stabilization, and low light performance. Each camera has varying capabilities to add accessories and adapt to the different shooting scenarios you come across.

What are the basic tips and how to's for amazing social media videos and photos with a camera?

Stabilization and good exposure are key. No one wants to watch a rickety video or one that is over-exposed with inaccurate colouring. Buy the best camera you can afford and you can then add accessories to enhance your overall shooting experience and quality.

Starter accessories are also great basics, such as a good monopod, tripod, or even a selfie stick.

Any other tips?

There is no turning back to cell phone quality video once you experience the capabilities of a good camera. A sharp lens, built in stabilization, low light shooting performance and abundance of other key features make it a game changer for filming video for your online properties.

Stay tuned for the next installment in my blog series. I will discuss the lighting equipment you need to do effective videos and the top tips on how to get started!

I love all these helpful video tips and will use them as I continue to work on my blog and small business.

Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to live life to the fullest. Let's have the very best 2016!

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