05/12/2014 12:31 EDT | Updated 07/12/2014 05:59 EDT

How to Look Like a Celebrity in Sweats

As a writer, I work from home. Perched over my computer, with a cup of tea off to the side and my cat, Seymour, curled up on the other side of the room. I wear the glamorous look of pj's, reading glasses and my hair up in a ponytail. I don't think Victoria Beckham would approve.

In the early afternoon, I like to get outside, go for a walk and a bit of fresh air. I venture out to the local cafe or maybe the produce shop to pick up some veggies. There really is no need for me to put on a full face of make-up and put together a fabulous outfit. When I finish my walk and come back home, I will continue my work, and only Seymour will be privy to my choice of attire.

On these short lunch time outings, I am try to pull it together so it is not so obvious that I have put little effort into my look. Flipping through a fashion magazine at my doctor's office, I noticed that more and more celebrities are rocking the sweats look. As a fashion klutz, I quite often look to Gwyneth and others for some direction on my fashion sense.

Celebrities who have been seen styling sweats lately are Gwyneth Paltrow, Tracy Anderson, the Kardashians, Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, Jay-Z, Taylor Lautner, Fabolous, Rihanna and many more high profile television and movie stars.

The celebrities seen in magazines give me more focus on how to take my lunch time sweat style up a notch. You never know who you will meet in the grocery aisle.

I recently spoke with Elana Brynes, Founder and Creative Director of Kings of Cole, a high end line of hoodies and loungewear. I asked Elana, how can the average person go to the grocery story or out for a coffee and look and feel fabulous in sweats?

Elana shared with me, "There is something sexy about looking casual and put-together without trying too hard. We love to pair a hoodie with leggings and then we accessorize with layered jewelry and a great bag. We like to dress up our sweats for the 'yes, I am wearing a sweatshirt, but I look like a million bucks' look."

Here are Elana's top tips to make sweats look fresh and fashionable:

Have you seen Gwyneth Paltrow on the way to the gym? She always looks cool, confident and comfortable. Sweats are cut longer and more tailored so the look more finished, and cover your butt when you wear them with leggings!

Some tips for looking pretty while wearing sweats is to dress down, but focus on the rest of YOU. Style your hair in a cool way, like maybe a fishtail braid or a fresh blow-out. The casual "just left the gym" look is not what it used to be.

Right now, people are loving pastel tones: mint, pale lavender, pale blue and light grey. Of course everyone loves a neutral color, but people are not afraid of soft pastel colours this season.

It is all about the wash effect. The enzyme wash makes sweats fabric ridiculously soft! Cotton is always great.

How to care for your fashionable sweats?

You can just throw them in a washer and dryer. Sweats are just like wine, they get better with age. The more you wash or wear them, the softer and more loved they feel.

It is possible to dress sweats up or down. Try to avoid wearing oversized pieces on your entire body. After all, you need to show people that you have a body under there, and accent your great features! For example, if you are going to wear an oversized hoodie, pair it with tight leggings or skinny jeans.

For the fall, Elana says the trends will be all about wearing big chunky military boots or flat over-the-knee boots with an oversize boyfriend hoodie. That creates a casual and cool look. For the Summer, pairing sweatpants and flip-flops is the ultimate look. Add a fun tank and a floppy hat and you are the coolest one on the beach at sunset.

Now when I venture out on my lunch time outings, I will have a little more pep in my step. No more sweats that drag on the ground or the sweats with the holes peaking through. I will walk a little taller knowing that I have a nicer polished look on my daily walks outside.

Stay tuned to my blog and share your comments below. Your tips and suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to find pretty, stylish and comfortable fashion.


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