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Hot Spring Trends For Sweatpants


There is nothing I love more than a good pair of sweats. Even better, if I can make my sweats look fashionable enough to wear them out, go shopping and run errands in them!

To find out how I can look chic when running around town (and get that look that celebrities have!) I spoke with Elana Brynes, Founder and Creative Director of Kings of Cole. Elana shared with me the top trends for spring and how to put hot looks together.

What are the hot styles for spring?

This spring season is all about bright colours and prints. Pink camo and blue camo sweats have been seen on Jennifer Lopez. It's all about mixing fun and vibrant colours this season.

What are the top colours for spring?

This spring bright blues and Kelly green are our favourite colours. They are easy to mix with other colours and look good on everyone!

How to put together a sweats outfit so you look pretty while running errands, etc?

You should not have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. Mixing fun, flattering pieces with cozy sweatshirts and sweatpants creates a cool and casual boyfriend-look. For example, you can wear a zip-up sweatshirt open with a crop top underneath it and cool ripped skinny jeans to create a put-together, comfortable look.

Any interesting ways that you can combine sweats to make them look edgy and on trend? How do the celebrities wear them?

Jennifer Lopez wore Kings of Cole clam digger sweatpants with a cropped tee and a Femme Zip-Up open over her shirt. She also paired her look with heeled sneakers, super cute!

Any other hot trends coming up in the next few months?

Another hot trend coming up in the next few months is material mixing. Sweatshirts with leather, shirts with piping, adding mesh detailing, and more! We are working on that for our Fall 2015 line. We also love the elbow patch trend! Our fall line has Leather Skull Elbow Patches and we also have a Leather Heart Elbow Patch Shirt!

How to care for your sweats?

Sweats are machine washable! Super easy and we always say your sweats should get better with age!

I am going to use these style tips now and as I look forward to spring. I will look great when I am running around town!

Please share your comments below. Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to enjoy life to the fullest.

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