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Summer's Most Glamorous Bridal Hair And Beauty Trends

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Summer is the season for weddings! All of those beautiful brides and bridesmaids. To find out the latest beauty and hair trends for brides, I spoke with AJ Woodworth, founder and owner of The Glamoury in Vancouver.

AJ provided the best beauty and hair tips for brides this summer.

AJ's top picks for gorgeous bridal looks this season:

Dewy skin paired with winged liner, lashes and a soft pink lip. This gorgeous look has been seen on Gigi Hadid.

Dewy skin with a coral lip and neutral eye, as seen on celebrities like Kendall Jenner.

What are the top makeup trends for the modern bride?

Right now, the concept of strobing is really on trend, the all-natural contour. This is where you use different techniques from skin preparation to highlighting products to give that amazing glow. This year we will be seeing this mixed with a classical winged liner and soft lip. We are also loving a bright and fresh coral lip paired with long and luscious lashes.

What are the top hair trends for the modern bride?

A lot of brides this season are skipping the updos and focusing on soft Hollywood- or beach-style waves. It is all about texture. Not to say updos aren't on trend, as our personal favourite is the soft and loose, textured bun. It gets us every time!

What are the hot colours this season for brides?

The hot colour for us this season is a deep coral lip as seen on Kendall Jenner. It is a fresh alternative to the classic red lip. Soft pinks and nudes are also a go-to look for brides this season.

What are the top tips for bridal makeup application?

Since the trend is a skin focus, proper skin preparation is key. Using a great moisturizer is very important; using a foundation that gives good coverage but also isn't too heavy; and drinking lots of water and getting rest (which we know is easier said than done)!

What should you not do with your bridal makeup?

Avoid trying out anything new! This goes for looks and for products. Often times a bride will want to do a red lip for their big day, but have never worn it before, or a really deep smoky eye. If you aren't able to do a consultation beforehand, it is always best to stick to what you know you like. We also do not recommend spray tanning your face and trying out any new skin care or products beforehand.

How do you keep your hair looking fresh all day long on your special day?

No touching! We would also suggest not going too heavy with shine sprays or oils. Also, if you are doing a wave or curl, ask your stylist to do a slightly tighter curl to allow for it to drop throughout the day.

Any other tips?

I love what one of our Glamoury artists says: "Skin is who you are and makeup is who you want to be." You already have the beauty, it is about enhancing what you have and finding the right artist you can truly connect with.

Other skin care tips for your big day:

A huge part of caring for the skin is eating a healthy and balanced diet. This is very easy to miss during a busy time like your wedding. It can impact your digestion and ultimately show on the skin. Be sure to work in a variety of fruits and vegetables into your diet, and don't forget to drink plenty of water.

Stay hydrated. Your hydration can come in the form of water or add a slice of lemon for some extra flavour.

Treat your neck as part of your face routine. The neck area has thinner skin, and a lower threshold of moisture retention. Take your full routine of products to the neck as well.

I love all of these bridal beauty tips and hope everyone who is getting married this summer looks and feels their very best!

Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to live life to the fullest.

Let's have the very best 2016!

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