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Summer Makeup Trends to Try

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As I continue to age gracefully (hee, hee..) I know it is more important now than ever, to have clean, fresh skin at the end of the day. And I am always curious to find out the hottest makeup trends for summer. I love tips and tricks on how to keep my look fresh on my mature skin too.

To find out all the latest tips and tricks, I spoke with MAC Cosmetics senior artist Caitlin Callahan. Caitlin shared with me everything from how to keep your skin clean at the end of a long day, to hot colours for summer.

How can you ensure that all of your makeup is removed at the end of the day? Sometimes it can feel like it is all off, but then you use a toner and there is still brown on the cotton pad. Any tips for this?

Yes! Removing makeup and washing your face are two different steps. Use a makeup wipe or cotton and makeup remover to remove makeup, then use a cleanser to wash your face. You will see a difference in the radiance of your skin and less breakouts.

Why is it important to have all of your makeup removed at the end of the day?

While you sleep your skin is working hard rejuvenating itself. Take all makeup off and apply a good moisturizer to help it along. And do you really want to wash your pillowcases every day?

What are the hot colours for summer?

Neutral caramel or a pop of bright orange on the lip. Gorgeous, perfectly prepped skin, freckles! Soft mauves and oranges around the eye, blurry and faded.

Who can wear these colours?

Everyone! It depends on your style or mood. For example, I love a bold lip but if I'm feeling a bit low key, I smudge a soft pastel pencil around my eye instead.

What are the hottest tricks to apply these summer colours?

Softer brushes instead of anything too stiff or flat. You want the colour to fade away with no hard edges, use primers before and after your makeup - a dab on the temples, upper lip and even bridge of nose can give you a perfect dewy look

Any new innovations in cosmetics recently?

Skincare, primers and foundation categories have grown recently -- that's that skin trend! There have been quite a few new mascaras too. There is something for all lash types and needs.

Top tips for women over 40?

I barely use powder on myself anymore (I'm 44!). There are great primers that are translucent that can do a better job. Don't put anything opaque where you don't need it. Have a new look under your eyes and see how much concealer you really need -- avoid the outer corners if you can. Curl your lashes, it really pops the eye open.

Any other comments or tips for summer?

Graphic eye liner is still around but try it with colour or white instead of black. Make it modern by leaving off (or using very little) mascara.

I love all these beauty tips and trends for summer. I am going to use these helpful tips as I continue to expand by beauty routine this summer!

Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to live life to the fullest. Let's have the very best 2015!

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