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Get Ready for Summer With These Style Trends

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Summer is one of my favourite seasons for style. The looks are easy and casual. No need to dress for warmth or to keep dry. In the summer you can dress how you like and put your own spin on your look.

To find out the hottest style trends for summer, I spoke with Amanda Kraemer, style director at LOFT. Amanda shared with me some of her top style tips for this season.

What are the key pieces for spring/summer?

After having to bundle up all winter, it feels so great to finally embrace bare legs! You can't go wrong with a great skirt in the spring/summer. We have a tonne of great skirts in different lengths, colours and patterns -- everything from a midi with a fun palm print to a solid jacquard pencil skirt.

Maxi dresses are also so easy this time of year -- you have to appreciate something that you can move comfortably in that still looks polished.

What are the hot colours for spring/summer?

Summer is the time to have fun with bright colours! Whether it be pinks, reds, greens or a fresh print. I also love an all-white ensemble in the summertime, it just looks so fresh and clean.

What are the hot trends for accessories?

Lace-up and metallic sandals are everywhere! They add that little finishing polish without distracting from the outfit.

What are the top tips for flattering and comfortable outfits?

For any season, it's important to look at your closet and see the pieces you tend to gravitate toward or have the habit of buying over and over. More than likely, those are the pieces you feel your best in and are the most flattering.

Play with proportion and fabric to feel your most comfortable -- in the hottest days of summer, even if you don't love miniskirts, you can find a midi or maxi length skirt in a lightweight silk or cotton.

Any other tips for spring/summer trends?

Don't be afraid of colour and pattern -- this is the time of year to embrace it! If you tend toward a more neutral palette, you can still work colour and pattern into your wardrobe with little touches in your accessories or by pairing something bright or patterned with a more streamlined top, like one of our great linen t-shirts.

I will be thinking about all of these lovely style tips as I continue to expand my summer wardrobe.

Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to live life to the fullest. Let's have the very best 2015!

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