02/02/2015 05:53 EST | Updated 04/04/2015 05:59 EDT

How Supporting a Small Business Can Change a Life

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At my office we have a mistake jar. Every time we make a silly mistake or don't use common sense to solve a problem we put money in a jar. That jar gets pretty rich and we typically use that money for a pizza lunch every month. This month we did something different. We came across a video online by an actor named Varun Pruthi who goes around donating money to people and created the #BringingHumanityBack movement. In the spirit of that movement we thought we'd help some businesses out by paying a bit extra for their products. You can see what happened in the video below.

These are incredibly small businesses. However, this is the reality for more than half the world that lives on under $10 per day. Most of the working world doesn't need motivational quotes sent to them on social media every day to be productive. For them, survival is a pretty strong motivating factor.

Entrepreneurs like this are born into poverty or are knocked into a different life and doing whatever they can with whatever skills they have to get out of it. Unfortunately they didn't win the genetic lottery of being born in a developed country or with affluent parents. Nonetheless, to help them doesn't take much. With around $50 and a few hours on a Saturday afternoon our team was able to help a handful of businesses smaller than we were. $10 is 10 days worth of income for some of these businesses. That's not even two lattes at Starbucks.

What if every business made a pact to help five businesses smaller than they were each month and give them 10 days worth of income? There are millions of businesses throughout the globe of all shapes and sizes. Some businesses are worth billions and some are worth pennies. Each one of them is capable of giving and receiving help. Generosity and poverty don't have any bias to religion, geography or race either. I'm no religious scholar, but I'm sure every book has a clause that says 'help each other out' in there somewhere. Maybe in the footnotes?

In business the more you give the more you get. Giving customers more than what they expect, supporting your local community and actually solving problems for people will automatically yield you rewards.

Join the #bringinghumanityback movement and #supportsmallbusiness today.


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