11/25/2013 04:05 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 05:59 EST

Geoff Pollock Is Making an Impact in Toronto

In Toronto Center - Geoffrey (Geoff) Pollock is a well-known name. The young lawyer is a regular volunteer with the Pro Bono Law Ontario and the Military Minds - an organization that is dedicated to serving former members of Canadian Forces. The reality is that Pollock is making such a profound impact in Toronto. I had a chance to speak to him as he reflected his journey in law, social activism and public service.

As a lawyer, you have been an eloquent public servant especially in pro bono work in the community. Tell me about that?

As someone who is passionate about my community and supporting people and families, volunteering with Pro Bono Law Ontario was something I felt compelled to do. Being able to provide pro bono legal services to those who need it most is very important. I believe that ensuring people have access to support and resources in times when they need it most, is vital.

The opportunity to volunteer and give back to the community is one I truly value. I have been able to meet with and provide help to a variety of different people in the community. I have offered advice as well as representing them in court.

You are also a noted volunteer in Toronto Center. Share with me some of the activities you are involved in.

Currently, I sit as a member of the board of director of two registered charities. In addition, every few months, I take a day off from my practice and work as a volunteer duty counsel for Pro Bono Law Ontario. I also provide pro bono work for an organization called Military Minds, which assists current and former members of the Canadian Forces that are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Tell me about The Churchill Society for the Advancement of Parliamentary and your involvement.

I am a director on the board of the Churchill Society for the Advancement of Parliamentary Democracy. It is an outstanding organization that fosters an open debate and discussion about the importance of Canada's parliamentary democracy and how it can be improved. We are involved with fostering education of Canada's next generation of leaders on the importance of democracy. We are Canada's largest non-partisan political charity.

You have been involved in politics for while including as a student at Western. Why is politics a great way to be an agent of change in Canada?

You can only be a driver of change, if you are involved in the conversations to move issues forward. I have always been passionate about public policy, it is an important part of making a difference locally and on a larger scale.

Politics is a way of bringing important and different views together in a large forum for discussion, analysis and policy development. What I appreciate about politics is that everyone is allowed their own views and opinions and that there is room for open debate. It is really a way to mobilize people to get involved in local, regional and national issues that affect them.