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Let's Talk About The Social Deficit Created By BC Liberals

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Christy Clark, premier of British Columbia, speaks during an interview in New York, U.S., on Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2014. Canada's ambition to become a top LNG exporter is on track even with oil's plunge as investment decisions on two mega-projects are set to come next year, Clark said. Photographer: Scott Eells/Bloomberg via Getty Images

While Clark appears at photo ops and campaign stops across BC donning her trademark Cheshire grin, behind that smile lurks one of the ugliest campaigns we have ever seen in BC.

From wild accusations like the claims of NDP hacking the Liberal website (which was quickly proven to be false) to the nasty Troll truck tailing Horgan all around BC and harassing him and NDP supporters at every event he attends- this will be an election I am sure we will all be talking about for years to come.

However the biggest deciding factor for me this election comes down to one thing: Which party is actually going put citizens first and will take measures to stop the flow of public money into corporate pockets and redirect that money back into helping citizens and the properly funding the services they depend on.

Let's take a minute to examine the social deficit left by 16 years of neglect under the BC Liberals.

We had 120 children die in the ministries care last year- that's one every three days. 760 critical injuries were also reported; that's two every day.

90% of senior care homes are not meeting basic staffing needs.

Our homeless population has increased by 30% in 3 years, with 23% being seniors.

922 people died from Fentanyl last year and the numbers are still rising. First responders are overwhelmed and hospitals are already overcrowded.

BC has the second lowest student funding in Canada. Some schools have 18 portables, others have roofs that leak for 20 years and over a decade after promising to make seismic upgrades 118 schools are still waiting to just be approved.

Housing and rental prices have dramatically increased while availability is decreasing.

MSP, BC Hydro, ICBC rates have steadily risen while the BC Liberals continue to siphon billions from them.

We have the second highest child poverty and we are still the only province to not have a poverty reduction plan. We also have the highest wealth inequality and income gaps in Canada

All of these have been completely ignored by-or in fact caused by- our current BC Liberal government. And I don't know about you but I am tired of hearing about children dying or committing suicide in our ministries care because they are being abused or neglected.

I am tired of hearing about people dying every single day from overdoses while we still don't have a solid long term plan-a year after declaring a state of emergency. I'm tired of watching friends and family struggle more and more every year while costs of living skyrocket and wages remain stagnate. I am tired of fundraising endlessly to cover basic supplies at my sons school and watching other schools go without because they cant fundraise enough.

We are one of the wealthiest provinces in Canada and I know we can do better than this; especially for the children in BC.

The NDP are offering a platform that addresses all of these issues, and while some things will take more time to fix than others (as they have been ignored for over a decade), the most important thing for me is to vote for a party that will take steps to address the currently crumbling cornerstones of our society.

I truly don't believe that these basic public services and supports can take 4 more years of cuts to funding and being deprioritized.

The Liberals didn't even bother offering any real change this election-they are quite okay with offering the same old. With over a dozen ex Harper staff and a slew of ex media working on the campaign they are counting on framing the entire campaign around telling us we cant afford an NDP government.

The Liberals are hoping no one does their research and figures out that the NDP weren't actually that bad with the economy in the 90's and in fact outperformed the Liberals themselves in many areas. Also despite telling us we cant possibly afford the NDP plan to put people and services first, here is a list of things Clark and the Liberals do think we can afford:

Just a few things to consider when the BC Liberals say we can't afford the NDPs plan, which is essentially them saying we can't afford to invest in citizens and services but we can afford to line the pockets of our rich donors through tax breaks, tax payer funded subsidies, and shady dealings.

So after 16 years we have to ask ourselves if we want to continue with a government that only supports and benefits the rich or if it's time to have a government that supports people and the public services we all depend on.

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