09/12/2014 05:32 EDT | Updated 11/12/2014 05:59 EST

TIFF 2014: And Best Actress goes to...

Raise your hand if you feel like a zombie too. The effects of hours sitting in over-air-conditioned theatres, not eating or hydrating regularly, imbibing a bit too much and staying up way too late is starting to catch up with me. Regardless, I've got three more movies left to see and then it's a week of rest before I head back to reality. So, let's stick to some more of the fun stuff for now.

In 2011, I was part of a volunteer team who were blogging about TIFF for the CBC website. During that time, I had some of my most memorable celeb encounters. One night I was at the Ritz's DEQ and I recognized Joely Richardson at the bar. She was starring in Anonymous along with her mom, Vanessa Redgrave. I had a ticket for the premiere and was so excited about it. So I went over to tell her and funnily enough she had no idea when or where it was taking place. Ms. Richardson comes from the family of theatre and I told her that it was extremely appropriate that we'd be viewing Anonymous in such a glorious theatre like the Elgin. Considering Elizabeth I's reign was the golden age, it was going to be extremely special to be sitting in such a regal place with all of its gold and crimson features. I have to admit, I was chatting her ear off a bit too much because she finally broke in and said: "It's really nice of you to tell me about all this, but honestly I just landed. I'm kind of jetlagged and I need to go outside to make some calls..." That's when you really feel like an ass because you've let your enthusiasm get the better of you. Anyway, fast forward to the night of the screening. I sat up in the box seats at the Elgin and as I expected the film was glorious. They had a quick Q&A and at the end I was close enough to the stage to shout down a thank you to Ms. Richardson. She remembered me, smiled, pointed at the scenery and said: "You were right about this theatre! Absolutely beautiful."

Totally vindicated, such a great feeling.

Now, let's talk about Best Actresses. I missed Cake and Wild, so I can only guess that Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston were fantastic in their roles. And considering the story that Ms. Aniston presented, I wouldn't be surprised if she's given a nom. (Her character is dealing with chronic pain and pain killer dependency.)

Like last time, here are the films that I've seen that presented interesting female roles:

Miss Julie


St. Vincent

The Theory of Everything

This is where I leave you

The Riot Club

Maps to the stars

Gemma Bovary

The Cobbler

The Imitation Game

And if it was up to me, this is who I'd pick:

Gemma Arterton, Gemma Bovary

Ellen Barkin, The Cobbler

Felicity Jones, The Theory of Everything

Keira Knightly, Laggies or The Imitation Game

Julianne Moore, Maps to the Stars

Holliday Grainger, The Riot Club

Jane Fonda, This is where I leave you

Melissa McCarthy, St. Vincent

Kathy Bates, Boychoir

Jessica Chastain, Miss Julie

Frankly, at this early stage I'd venture to guess that it would be a tight race between Chastain and Aniston. Chastain's performance was emotionally raw and likely required all her University training. It was draining to watch but that meant she was doing it right.

Anyway, who knows if the list will be altered by Saturday night after the closing film, A Little Chaos. Stranger things have happened at TIFF. (See: Imitation Game Q&A when some freaky lady called Cumberbatch yummy and wanted to know if she could partake of his yumminess. "Yeay, no, but thanks for asking...")

Stay hydrated friends!