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Fit Trumps Trend: Shopping Advice From Cityline's Tracy Moore


In our new blog series "Shopping Cart Confessions", we invite style icons and local celebrities to give us the scoop on all things shopping. Get the "who, what, and where" behind some of our favourite celebrity fashion, beauty and lifestyle choices.

Do you watch Cityline as much as we do and wonder where on earth the show's hosts get their gorgeous outfits? Well, look no further, we have the inside scoop from TV personality and style icon, Tracy Moore. Tracy gives a behind the scenes look at where she shops, how she saves money and offers some great practical tips for the everyday shopper.

If we were to take a peek at your online shopping history, what are the typical items we would find in your shopping cart?

"I am crazy for jumpsuits for their ease and comfort. In fact, I love them so much I incorporated them into my own clothing line, Tracy Moore designed by Freda's, which is also available online at The Shopping Channel."

What are your favourite go-to online shopping sites?

"I like going to sites where I'm familiar with the sizing and know how the clothing fits on my body. I go back to Michael Kors, BCBG and The Shopping Channel often because I know what to expect size-wise."

What are some of your favourite shopping hacks? (tips for saving, getting great deals, etc.)

"Definitely, I'd say to wait until the end of season sales. While it sucks to buy a bathing suit you might not wear for another eight months, it's worth it for the price markdowns. The great thing is you can go into a store early in the season and try some pieces on to gauge their sizing if you're not sure of fit. Then you can keep an eye on sales and order online confidently!"

Where do you draw your fashion inspiration from?

"I'm a busy mom but I want to look good without mooning anyone on the playground with inappropriate low-riders. I take my inspiration from stylin' moms who work and play hard like Gwen Stefani and Drew Barrymore."

Who are your style muses?

"I have the luxury of checking out my live audience every day while hosting Cityline. Some of the street-style that makes its way into the studio is awesome. I also like looking at Pinterest for inspiration on both casual and more dressed up looks."

What's your style philosophy?

"Fit is everything. Sometimes trends arise that are the worst thing ever for your particular shape. Crop tops or skinny jeans anyone? Just because it's in style doesn't mean it'll look flattering on you. Find a fit that works for you."

Tell us about your clothing line designed by Freda's. What inspired the line?

"I was constantly being asked where my clothing was from so I decided to create an answer. Freda's has been my clothier since I started hosting Cityline in 2008 and I felt it was time to take our relationship to the next level. I wanted a 'made in Canada' solution for the busy woman who wants to look good on date night, at brunch with the girls, at work and on the playground, but also feel comfortable. This past spring we launched Tracy Moore designed by Freda's with much fanfare and great interest.

I can't wait to launch our fall and holiday collection exclusively at The Shopping Channel this September."

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