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6 Ways The Whole Family Can Celebrate The Rio 2016 Olympics

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Every Olympics brings with it a spirit of excitement and national pride -- not to mention some friendly competition. The 2016 Rio Olympic games will be no exception. You'll find people bonding with friends, family and even strangers to cheer on their country and their favourite athletes.


This summer, channel the spirit of Brazil's seaside playground and go for gold with these ideas on how to celebrate the Rio 2016 games:

Get geared up

Moms, dads, kids and even the pets can all look the part for this year's Olympic games. Who are you rooting for? Represent your country and join in on the fun by getting dressed up in your team's clothing and accessories. Retailers such as HBC offer a great range of red and whites with the Rio 2016 Canadian Olympic Team Collection, designed by Canadian brothers, Dsquared2. Look for the super-cute women's graphic tees featuring some of our iconic furry friends.

Host an Olympic potluck

With countries being the theme of the party, host an internationally inspired potluck party. Get the competition going by assigning recipes from different countries to each guest and then hand out prizes or awards for Gold, Silver and Bronze dishes based on crowd favourites! 


Throw a cocktail party!

Set the mood with Brazil's signature cocktail, the caipirinha, or try a batida. Both use cachaça, the national spirit, but the batida is a milkshake-style drink blended with fruit juice or coconut milk, sugar and ice. If cachaça isn't available at your liquor store, you can substitute white rum or buy a selection of international wines and beers to serve at your party -- the variety is sure to get you in the spirit!

Host Your Own Summer Olympics

The Olympics are all about being in top physical form. That might be a stretch for most of us, but it doesn't hurt to be active! Stay (or get) in shape and bring the the games home by hosting your own mini-Olympics, whether in your backyard, a park or even the beach. With the amazing weather we've been having, it's the perfect time for some friendly outdoor competition that's good for kids and adults, and sure to make this summer a memorable one.


Make it local

Support your 'hood and gather with friends and neighbours at a local pub that's hosting the games! Getting together with a bunch of people and watching on the big screen always raises the excitement, so join in the community spirit while cheering on your team or enjoy some playful competition. You may even make a new friend or two!

Learn to Samba

OK, this may not be an Olympic sport but it sure is a fun activity that can be quite competitive in Rio de Janeiro. Rally a few friends to make it a group thing and check out deal sites like Groupon for local dance lessons, or get fancy and head out to a Latin music club, where you can pretend you've jetted to Brazil for the night.

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