10/17/2013 05:17 EDT | Updated 12/17/2013 05:12 EST

Scott Sorokoski for Calgary Ward 13

Change. Such a simple word but it means so much.

In starting my career I had a boss that said "you are the new eyes of the company. You see the cracks in the foundation that all of us who have been here a while have lived with and ignored." This is where I have vowed to make an impact in every role I take on. Ward 13 needs representation at City Hall. Last election we were coined the Ward that no one cared about. Reading this in the news frustrated me. I care about this community! I live in this Ward and have been President of the Millrise Community Association for the past four years. I would like to represent Ward 13 at City Hall and I vow to make an impact.

In my role as of President of the Millrise Community Association I actively work with the other community association presidents of Ward 13 to collaboratively resolve issues around traffic, bureaucratic red tape, and various other concerns. Through these discussions, I have become increasingly concerned that Ward 13 is not being represented or advocated for at City Hall by our elected representatives. In our community, we need someone who cares enough to listen and actively create and promote solutions at City Hall. The people of Ward 13 deserve a strong a voice and advocate too address their concerns and improve their communities.

There are so many important issues within Ward 13 and within the City of Calgary. Imperative to improving the daily lives of the Citizens of Ward 13 is improving the traffic and transportation issues faced by those living south of Fish Creek Park. These issues significantly impact quality of life and I feel that strong advocacy can make an impact to everyone in these communities.

On a broader perspective, I feel the biggest issue facing Calgarians is that the City is not fiscally responsible to tax payers. City Hall cannot continue raising taxes while diminishing services. I am a strong advocate for full accounting of all City services and creating budgets that ensure we allocate the actual funds required to keep our City among the top 10 places in the world to live.

To the role of City Councilor I would bring many years experience of community involvement. I have been the president of the Millrise Community Association for the past four years, am an award winning fundraiser for the United Way Calgary Campaign, been on the board of the Calgary Women's Soccer Association, and continue to sit on multiple boards for non-profit organizations. This experience has given me a sound knowledge base of the issues affecting our communities.

I would like to represent the citizens of Ward 13 and vow to make an impact and bring positive change to this great City.