12/13/2013 05:50 EST | Updated 02/12/2014 05:59 EST

Not Every Canadian Is Online, What About Their Mail?

Dear Friends,

Within 12 hours of the House of Commons rising for the Christmas constituency period, Canada Post dropped its bombshell: Canadians living in urban centres will no longer be provided door to door mail service. This announcement is very significant.

I recognise that technology is changing the way we conduct our daily lives. It is true more and more of us pay bills online, purchase goods and services online, do our banking online, and communicate with friends and colleagues online. And while many of us, from across the age spectrum, use the Internet, not all Canadians are "online." Many Canadians cannot afford the cost of a smartphone, tablet or a computer, and certainly many cannot afford the cost associated with the Internet or wi-fi. Remember though, it was the Conservatives who also cancelled funding for community CAP Sites not too long ago -- the very program that provided access to computers and the Internet to those who could not afford the costs.

While recognising the rapid change in technology, a significant number of Canadians continue to depend on the postal service. I think of our seniors -- many who do not surf the 'net -- and wonder how the government's decision will impact their lives.

Beyond this, I am troubled by the government's decision to choose "cuts" rather than innovation to adapt to technological change. I think of all the workers who earn a good living contribute to our local economy, provide quality and timely service for our communities, and who are now, perhaps, at risk of losing their jobs. Like so many other cuts to government jobs and services, the Conservatives continue to emasculate the presence and role of the federal government, and in doing so, they loosen the threads that bind us together.

As a final point, one is obliged to call out the Conservative government, who would, without a hint of shame or attachment to the truth, have Canadians believe this was not their decision, but rather a decision of Canada Post alone. How remarkably convenient it was for the Conservatives -- a pure coincidence -- that the Canada Post announcement came within hours after the House of Commons had risen for Christmas.

That the most controlling and micro-managing government in the history of Canada would suggest, and have you believe, they had nothing to do with this decision, is to think and take us as fools.

This originally ran on Sean Casey's blog.


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