04/20/2013 09:03 EDT | Updated 06/20/2013 05:12 EDT

My 3 Per Cent Chance of Winning a Juno


My mom called to say that someone at her synagogue told her that I was nominated for a Juno Award and that she should be proud of me. Weeks prior I had told her over dinner that I was nominated and she responded with a shrug and asked me if the soup was too salty. That was a few years ago. My first Juno nomination. We haven't spoken since.

Just kidding. We talk all the time. But her cultural ambivalence regarding what I do keeps me humble. For those like my mom, the Junos are Canada's music awards. Our Grammys. This year, I'm off to the Junos again with another nomination.

I'm not a musician. I'm a director. I'm nominated (again) for Best Music Video.

Last time I went to Calgary for the awards for this Tokyo Police Club music video. This time I'm off to Regina for this video for Burlington supersensations Walk Off the Earth. Last time I went, I lost. This time I'm feeling like we've got a 3 per cent chance...give or take. It's great competition all around and I'm thrilled to be nominated.

For a video director at a music festival it is pretty fun. You walk the red carpet as people ask if you're anybody. I'm used to it. I get to pretend to be anyone I want. Maybe I'll be a Nickelback backup singer. A Nickelbacker.

This is my first time blogging in any form. I don't really know how it's supposed to go or how many people read these. So let's make this fun. I'll try and blog drunk at night. I'll regale you with tales of me trying to sneak into parties and trying to get free swag that all the fancies get. Mostly you can laugh at me getting turned away. Foolish filmmaker. One day you'll be a musician.

BONUS POINTS: Leave a note below with a question, comment or dare. I'll try to answer everything and take on all challenges.

Want me to try to swap shirts with Michael Bublé? I'm up for it. Talk Avril into stealing a car? Let's roll. Streak during Billy Talent's performance... sure. Just ask me nicely.

The Junos in Regina. The city that rhymes with Fun.

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